Top 5 Mercedes EQS Features: Electric Luxury!

This is the perfect type of car to go electric... but I'd still rather be driven in this car than drive it! The 2022 Mercedes EQS
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Intro Track: Equillibre by Hocus Pocus
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  1. Elijah Freeman

    Elijah Freeman5 timmar sedan

    the EQS definitely

  2. habtamu gulilat

    habtamu gulilat7 timmar sedan

    I am a BIG fun of the Mercedes s class, and i also like electric cars very much and i also think there is a lot of potential there. and as much as i like the EQS i choose the s class for two reasons the first one is the new s class is simply Amazing and the second reason is this one is first gen tech, and i am sure the second gen probably going to be the best electric Sedan (if not the best over all) when it comes out,

  3. jeremeh911

    jeremeh9119 timmar sedan


  4. Pint

    Pint15 timmar sedan

    I prefer the EQS but with BMW's iDrive system 🙂

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    Sarah O Connor19 timmar sedan

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  10. awesomeman113

    awesomeman11320 timmar sedan

    Or what if Tesla and Mercedes partnered and made a car together

  11. Good Dick Man

    Good Dick Man21 timme sedan

    looks like a dogde dart. Mercedes has dropped the ball recently with the body design of their cars

  12. R20C

    R20C21 timme sedan

    the samsung tab ruined it

  13. Shakti Swarup Sarangi

    Shakti Swarup SarangiDag sedan

    Answer: EQS

  14. Alek Tomanov

    Alek TomanovDag sedan

    Woowowowoo fantastic video. What you said is what I foresee for years is all going to come down to, and determine the auto business winner for ever. Tesla bringing ultra luxe, or Mercedes bringing software. I’m not yet sure, but I have a little feeling it’s going to be Tesla, because at the end of the day, some plastiky, buttons and massages can be sourced from same supplier as mercedeses supplier, but USA software capabilities are notorious. Can’t be beat!!! End game!

  15. modellbobby

    modellbobbyDag sedan

    Dude, what is wrong with the software? Why are you bashing ? Proof with examples whats not great on that software!

  16. Bao Nguyen

    Bao NguyenDag sedan

    range? 400+??



    gas version

  18. wavawes

    wavawesDag sedan

    DVD player software vibes

  19. amir ghahreman

    amir ghahremanDag sedan

    gas version

  20. Sam Suno

    Sam SunoDag sedan

    C'était prévisible il voit une tablette Samsung et il demande un tablette Apple en gros il veut un Apple Car alors que c'est une Mercedes il faut arrêter de comparer avec Apple les gars.

  21. AK's Tech

    AK's TechDag sedan

    id rather have the EQS

  22. Lee John

    Lee JohnDag sedan

    Bit over the top. Too much entertainment items in this car, only good for long distance trip.

  23. BigL Monta

    BigL MontaDag sedan

    That is Germany for you sir.

  24. A B

    A BDag sedan

    @10:30 LOL 🤣😅😆 HAHAHA You have to know a German to get the joke.

  25. A B

    A BDag sedan

    @15:10 what is the warranty on the drive system ? I would rather a 2013 Toyota Corolla, with low miles. It would be cheaper to insure. : ) But I think most people would prefer the ⚡version, because they might think that it would be cheaper to maintain.

  26. Warrior Jennings

    Warrior JenningsDag sedan

    Those Nikes are NASTY brotha! You should do a video where you show off your sneaker collection...if you have one. Great content!

  27. Quan Pham

    Quan PhamDag sedan

    Welcome to a Mercedes. A lot these features are standard on a lot of MB and have been for years.

  28. Bosingr

    BosingrDag sedan

    Tip #1 Don't have a private conversation in this car. 9:19 Also... Me: "Mercedes, Tea, Earl Grey, Hot." Mercedes: "I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that. And I'm not going to open the pod bay door either. I overheard your conversation, and let's just say I don't work for you."

  29. richw76

    richw76Dag sedan

    EQS ...... should've become a lawyer like my dad wanted 😂

  30. nicholo1

    nicholo1Dag sedan

    They did all that work hiding the finish of the car only to reveal it in the backup camera videos lol


    AKSHAY RAJVIR2 dagar sedan

    try Mercedes Maybach, I saw its video couple of years ago and software wise its somewhat similar to EQS, like 360 degree view for example. Plus Mercedes is working with Nvidia in software department, so Mercedes is gonna have some big tech upgrades soon.

  32. Andrew Sickler

    Andrew Sickler2 dagar sedan

    my new car has a/c

  33. Jacob Diehl

    Jacob Diehl2 dagar sedan

    EASILY the EQS. Gas is ASS!

  34. Daniel Satria

    Daniel Satria2 dagar sedan

    >69 degree >nice

  35. Butters

    Butters2 dagar sedan


  36. Tarik

    Tarik2 dagar sedan

    Mercedes... half that crap will break before 100k

  37. Jesus Ambriz

    Jesus Ambriz2 dagar sedan

    EQS over gas powered version for sure. But ultimately only if it's free I don't like the software and UI even if I had the money to buy the EQS that's enough of a reason for me not to.

  38. Archie Pennoh

    Archie Pennoh2 dagar sedan

    Thank you

  39. Excellent Gamer

    Excellent Gamer2 dagar sedan

    Children in the back joking:Hey mercedes kill the driver Mercedes:😈😈😈😈

  40. Ghostly Crusade

    Ghostly Crusade2 dagar sedan

    inside of the car and look so clean although I do have one caveat of it it takes one idiot too spell some sh*t inside the car too ruined the leather with inside the car

  41. Lynna Oldham

    Lynna Oldham2 dagar sedan

    EQS most def.

  42. Stephanie&CO

    Stephanie&CO2 dagar sedan

    Is that a man exterior sticker? 🤨

  43. maurice Hamilton

    maurice Hamilton2 dagar sedan

    EQS I love tech and love electric cars

  44. Ricardo Benitez

    Ricardo Benitez2 dagar sedan

    I would rather the electric version all the time.

  45. Henry Walker

    Henry Walker2 dagar sedan

    You sir are very cultured🧐

  46. Unforgiving Samurai

    Unforgiving Samurai2 dagar sedan

    ok .. just remember unboxing and reviewing phone covers got you here.. so don't swag and keep yourself down to earth

  47. G Force

    G Force2 dagar sedan

    EQS hands down for me

  48. Dennis Berger

    Dennis Berger3 dagar sedan

    Will der Meger das Auto klauen.

  49. Dejaniro Alves Figueiredo Filho

    Dejaniro Alves Figueiredo Filho3 dagar sedan

    Tesla =Windows 10 Mercedes =Windows Vista Volkswagen =Windows XP Ford =Windows 98

  50. Andre Hernandez

    Andre Hernandez3 dagar sedan

    My 4Runner is all I need.

  51. Chad Carreras

    Chad Carreras3 dagar sedan

    I like how he had the car increase the temperature to 69 degrees.

  52. Rick Johnson

    Rick Johnson3 dagar sedan


  53. bigavelik

    bigavelik3 dagar sedan

    Is Marques listening to Oxmo Puccino or am i dreaming....You just made my day!!!

  54. Gopi Krishna

    Gopi Krishna3 dagar sedan


  55. Carie Saad

    Carie Saad3 dagar sedan

    Ur not the first to drive it. Other youtubers got to drive it too. Plus Unbox Therapy had one without the body wraps on the front & back. If the gas version has all those screens & tech in it, I'd rather go with the gas version.....I think. Lol. But I'd take the Mercedes over the Tessa or Mustang Mach-e

  56. Mafaz Rahman

    Mafaz Rahman3 dagar sedan

    Nothing beats an S Class

  57. Oscar Lopez

    Oscar Lopez3 dagar sedan

    The S class ❤️

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  59. Gerçek Hikayeler

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    WhirLpool PaŞaa3 dagar sedan

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  61. Hakan Öneği

    Hakan Öneği3 dagar sedan

    I am very happy to have joined your team. The values you guys provide are out of this world, The community chatroom is the best thing ever, Very interactive and everyone is always happy to help. I have been taking your signals for over 2 months now and your guys are the best. Thank you very much once

  62. Furkan HG

    Furkan HG3 dagar sedan

    I would like to thank you guys, today was the first day i took my own analysis after several weeks studying your analysis. It feels so good to be able to place my own trade

  63. regular game

    regular game3 dagar sedan

    @Carlos_1uptrades on lnstergram


    UÇAN LEBLEBİ3 dagar sedan

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  65. Kağan

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  67. MR. Gündem

    MR. Gündem3 dagar sedan

    thank me later

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    froxy pubg3 dagar sedan

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  69. Hasan ali Çeçe

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  70. Blueangeels Tv

    Blueangeels Tv3 dagar sedan

    you can reach him thru lNstagråm

  71. Ahmet Avşar

    Ahmet Avşar3 dagar sedan

    My husband and I always do meditations as part of our night routine, and yesterday we did it with a lot of passion.

  72. Mustafa ÜSTKAT

    Mustafa ÜSTKAT3 dagar sedan

    I just hit like button when you said it's a long video, and need a cup of coffee, I really looking for who give me full knowledge video. Thanks

  73. Efe Karcılı

    Efe Karcılı3 dagar sedan

    Everyday of my life I keep thanking God for directing me to your path att carlo.s kingston thur l’G, you are a God-sent now I'm debt free


    BERAT ÇELİK3 dagar sedan

    I am just watching this for the first time. Beautiful Artwork you have got right behind you.

  75. M O R D O R

    M O R D O R3 dagar sedan

    May you please assist, how do I withdraw from binance in SA without using P2p?

  76. Gökay kaya

    Gökay kaya3 dagar sedan


  77. jose giron

    jose giron3 dagar sedan

    RGB for a car lol

  78. Seguster

    Seguster3 dagar sedan

    Wait do you keep the car?

  79. Spencer

    Spencer3 dagar sedan

    The car ain’t lyin.... Germany won the special Ed departments 1st annual comedy award for least funny people in the world

  80. Cristóbal San Martín

    Cristóbal San Martín3 dagar sedan

    ta como el hoyo

  81. Pramoth Darshan S

    Pramoth Darshan S3 dagar sedan

    14:00 perfect question 👍🏻

  82. Gadget Boy

    Gadget Boy3 dagar sedan


  83. Fabrice SIHEU

    Fabrice SIHEU3 dagar sedan

    Bruv you did this super nice review on one of my fav songs: Équilibre from Hocus Pocus and Oxmo Puccino. Man you may have such an eclectic taste in music. Much respect for your sense of art 🙏🤝

  84. CU96821

    CU968213 dagar sedan

    Promises, Promises......I bought a fully loaded E-400 coupe a few years ago based on all the advanced features shown in SEtoos videos (many by Mercedes) Sadly, half of what was promised did not work well or were restricted in the USA (ie: controlling the car forward and reverse by iPhone).

  85. Nathan Garcia

    Nathan Garcia3 dagar sedan

    Your car looks like a silver thumb

  86. Nathan Garcia

    Nathan Garcia3 dagar sedan

    Your car looks like a bum's car

  87. NDD

    NDD3 dagar sedan

    Do we have a new mercedes fan?

  88. Themiscyra Collector

    Themiscyra Collector4 dagar sedan

    Best joke ever 😂🇩🇪

  89. xwintk

    xwintk4 dagar sedan

    I like how Mercedes wrapped the front and back, yet the 360 degree camera literally shows the whole car.

  90. PrisonAce1

    PrisonAce14 dagar sedan

    The smartest thing my car has, is me. And that's not a pretty high level.

  91. ed nobre

    ed nobre4 dagar sedan

    like the EQS gas

  92. Tiari

    Tiari4 dagar sedan

    Me: Hey Dacia! I'm cold. Dacia: Me too.

  93. Olle B

    Olle B4 dagar sedan

    And how is the speakers?....

  94. Bad Sensei

    Bad Sensei4 dagar sedan

    What is Mercedes doing with all that unique customer/individual curated information...?

  95. speyck

    speyck4 dagar sedan

    4:09 did you just drive over a stop signal without stopping??

  96. Scent Eltno

    Scent Eltno4 dagar sedan

    I will never be broke in my life🙏🤔

  97. Aritra Pal

    Aritra Pal4 dagar sedan

    I would take the gas powered one...... Bcz there is no option for having electric cars in India...... Anyway, it's all going to happen in dreams...........

  98. Lewis Paisley

    Lewis Paisley4 dagar sedan


  99. Jinya Boyesoko Jonathan

    Jinya Boyesoko Jonathan4 dagar sedan

    The work MKBHD puts in educating us will not be forgotten 💯💓

  100. Hurrican X

    Hurrican X4 dagar sedan

    Thank you my bro for the french Rap ! i wasn't ready for this 👌👌