OnePlus Watch Review: They Settled!

OnePlus Watch vs the smartwatch formula
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  1. Jack Stoutburn

    Jack StoutburnTimme sedan

    Hit me all you want, but Poco is the new Oneplus.

  2. redprime

    redprimeTimme sedan

    As a Tmobile mobile expert. Man this looks Almost identical to a Samsung active watch 2. Even the button placement. Just less features 😂

  3. Thuhin Jayaraj Vk

    Thuhin Jayaraj Vk3 timmar sedan

    Giveaway this watch giving i am from India😘🥰😍💖👌🙏🙏🙏

  4. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo4 timmar sedan

    more software updates to be released happy to wait.

  5. Nicholas Jordan

    Nicholas Jordan5 timmar sedan

    how is the wyze watch?

  6. Ketan Daga

    Ketan Daga8 timmar sedan

    Honest review brother thanks

  7. FanitoFlaze

    FanitoFlaze11 timmar sedan

    Oppo Watch: **laughs in play store**

  8. Ajinkya Taware

    Ajinkya Taware15 timmar sedan

    You know what this means...Do I even need to say it? The watch pro is coming next...

  9. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo4 timmar sedan

    had to get a separate launcher so that the phone really pops. Try the windows 7 launcher. That’s my go to.

  10. Amethyst752

    Amethyst75219 timmar sedan

    I felt like this would be the case, I'm so glad I chose not to buy the watch. I want an android watch that's the Apple Watch of Android. No other manufacturer has come close. I want a solid wearable but I don't think I'm ever going to get one unless I buy an iPhone...maybe in two years.

  11. None Ya

    None YaDag sedan

    Congratulations on 14 million subscribers!

  12. Joshua Grant

    Joshua GrantDag sedan

    You should make a vid the experience with apple watches

  13. Md Rahmat Ullah

    Md Rahmat UllahDag sedan

    I want to let you know that you should make the video. It will be great for all of us.

  14. Sam Cyanide

    Sam CyanideDag sedan

    pizza display

  15. rajesh ramasamy

    rajesh ramasamyDag sedan

    One plus watch is not good to use.

  16. Kit-13-Lucky

    Kit-13-LuckyDag sedan

    I have words about android smart watches. I only give the Samsung active at only 3.5/5 *****s for me personally. So, I get this "settled" feeling to a degree. I feel it as a trade off. I used to have the last ASUS Zen watch and by no means was it the best, but it felt like a watch. The Samsung - and every other watch - is a 2 handed watch. I could navigate the entire Zen watch with the one hand with their gestures. Their UI felt way more intuitive than anyone else's. Downside, performance after a over a long period of time, so 3***. But, I'm critical and just "expect" a lot. Samsung's barely wakes on rotation

  17. WDM 2

    WDM 2Dag sedan

    Will resubscribe once you stop reviewing china stuff.

  18. Hashim Hassan

    Hashim HassanDag sedan

    That's it! I'm out. No oneplus watch for me.

  19. Debdal Chowdhury

    Debdal ChowdhuryDag sedan

    This all could have been fixed with one simple change if they just fricking made a OxygenOS skin of the WearOS

  20. Blac jak

    Blac jakDag sedan

    My amazfit verge can do way more than this , even pick up calls , and costs way less

  21. Mr Smith

    Mr SmithDag sedan

    Typical Chinese product.

  22. Julio

    JulioDag sedan

    Whoever is on the oneplus teams hardware team and design are geniuses. I want to kiss them. When I got the oneplus 7 pro for $400 last year it blew my expectations away like crazy. This is the phone that Marques uses personally. I was laughing at the iPhone 12 Pro Max. But that software team? Fire them. All of them. Oh my god. They should’ve changed the status bar so that the lack of hole punch camera was extremely noticeable. I had to get a separate launcher so that the phone really pops. Try the windows 7 launcher. That’s my go to.

  23. Julio

    JulioDag sedan

    Whoever is on the oneplus teams hardware team and design are genius. I want to kiss them. When I got the oneplus 7 pro for $400 last year it blew my expectations away like crazy. This is the phone that Marques uses personally. I was laughing at the iPhone 12 Pro. But that software team? Fire them. All of them. Oh my god. They should’ve changed the status bar so that the lack of hole punch camera was extremely noticeable and make the default wallpaper that it comes with one bright color with the never change logo. I had to get a separate launcher so that the phone really pops. Try the windows 7 launcher. That’s my go to.

  24. Abz Raz

    Abz RazDag sedan

    I'm an avid OnePlus fan, but I never considered buying the watch. The lack of NFC, and no wear os is so silly. Also no 3rd party apps is terrible. I'm happy with my ticwatch pro, and it works flawlessly with my OnePlus phone

  25. xxARMINATORxx

    xxARMINATORxxDag sedan

    Garmin tactix delta is the best smartwatch you can get imho

  26. John Craig

    John CraigDag sedan

    I love my oneplus phone, but will give the watch a wide berth for now. As someone who's been burned by First generation hardware, software and services that never make it past the experimental stage, I've learned to wait until gen 3 of any tech product before committing to it

  27. Jolie Cyrus

    Jolie CyrusDag sedan

    APPLE WATCH VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Marko C

    Marko CDag sedan

    We settle with a 1 day battery life on the apple watch every day. Thiis watch has a lot of potential, I would not disregard it so quickly.

  29. Francesco Iafrate

    Francesco Iafrate2 dagar sedan

    1:01 Of course you should make a video about it!

  30. Hamad Al Mutairi

    Hamad Al Mutairi2 dagar sedan

    Once the Huawei Watch 3 Pro comes out, I will get it.

  31. Praveen Peiris

    Praveen Peiris2 dagar sedan

    Oneplus is going to shit

  32. MrLonewolf

    MrLonewolf2 dagar sedan

    Maybe I will get it ok 😃

  33. Foster Brown

    Foster Brown2 dagar sedan

    Great review. I was considering getting the watch since I have the Oneplus 8. It seems to use the Wear OS primarily. I will stick to my first choice and buy the latest ticwatch pro.

  34. Muhammad hakim zaffri

    Muhammad hakim zaffri2 dagar sedan


  35. Noob Gamer

    Noob Gamer2 dagar sedan

    Me:watching marques brownlee unboxing expensive phone and i want to buy My wallet:sorry i dont have money i hope marques brownlee give you one phone that suprise you

  36. Aligatorxx3

    Aligatorxx32 dagar sedan

    Tbh I would've bought it if it had NFC payments, but it's way too disappointing. Waiting for a better option

  37. Jai Annadata Jai Kishan

    Jai Annadata Jai Kishan2 dagar sedan


  38. D VDV

    D VDV2 dagar sedan

    Wish it had a rotatable bezel. 😔😭

  39. lee sagar

    lee sagar2 dagar sedan

    Please check Amazfit GTR 2 and OPPO Watch 46MM, these are best smartwatches for android

  40. Christopher Elliott

    Christopher Elliott2 dagar sedan

    The user interface sounds just like android's WearOS, but sounds like the functionality is severely gimped. Please check out the TicWatch Pro 3 (sorry, another big watch).

  41. Frayze

    Frayze2 dagar sedan

    This just reminds me of the gt2 pro

  42. Priscilla Kayku

    Priscilla Kayku2 dagar sedan


  43. Prakhar_04

    Prakhar_042 dagar sedan

    Mkbhd....whole 11 min vdo !! One plus : 🤕 Ouch !! Wait tht hurts🥺💔

  44. Electro_

    Electro_2 dagar sedan

    Please review some other watches!

  45. Noah The Gilded One

    Noah The Gilded One3 dagar sedan

    For the price, the short answer is yes.

  46. george stratton

    george stratton3 dagar sedan

    I think u should make a vid about Apple eco system and Apple Watch for Android people etc

  47. Vinze Talk

    Vinze Talk3 dagar sedan

    To the person whos reading this your channel will grow someday Keep up the good work 💚❤️

  48. timedfan

    timedfan3 dagar sedan

    This watch just reminds me of a slightly worse version of the fitbit versa 2

  49. Anti Duck

    Anti Duck3 dagar sedan

    £149 for a smartwatch that currently has the functionality of a £50 AliExpress smartwatch? No thanks. Shame, I was looking forward to this watch too; being OnePlus's first smartwatch, yeah, I expected software bugs, but what we're getting is a watch that is essentially in its early beta phase.

  50. Daniel Moloney

    Daniel Moloney3 dagar sedan

    You should make that video about the apple watch and the lack of an android equivalent.

  51. Rohit John Jacob

    Rohit John Jacob3 dagar sedan

    9:16 4 GB RAM is it?🙄

  52. Federico Bernardo Rossi

    Federico Bernardo Rossi3 dagar sedan

    Try the Suunto 7 best Android watch there is

  53. Santhosh D

    Santhosh D3 dagar sedan

    Please update software 😭: always on display and play music speaker, massage repaly and nfc 😂

  54. Siddhant Agrawal

    Siddhant Agrawal3 dagar sedan

    Mkbhd please do make that video about why the Apple Watch-iPhone duo is unbeatable...


    REVIEWS3 dagar sedan

    Hi Marques Brownlee, This watch is a competitor to the Huawei GT2, it was never to be an Apple watch competitor :))))))))))))))))

  56. Dukkiegamer

    Dukkiegamer3 dagar sedan

    Might aswell buy a regular watch.

  57. Davidend

    Davidend3 dagar sedan

    Great video

  58. Raymond Petit

    Raymond Petit3 dagar sedan

    Who gives a hoot about the Apple Watch!? Never owned an iPhone and never will! My Samsung watch is killer, wouldn’t buy the ‘iWatch’ to use on Android!

  59. R1chard Lee

    R1chard Lee3 dagar sedan


  60. Clifford James

    Clifford James3 dagar sedan

    No always on customers 😎

  61. Sovilace

    Sovilace3 dagar sedan

    It's a massively released prototype.. it's just the idea to have an oneplus watch. For someone like me, a watch is just supposed to be time. It would be useful for me because I skate and I don't want my phone on me so I leave it in the car. Knowing O+ there will be updates for it. If I want a good product without other companies knowing, I'll release a decoy and then hit em with the real product after they released their heavy hitter. Hope all of you understand what I am saying here. Don't judge without the proof, don't assume without your questions being answered.

  62. exadeci

    exadeci3 dagar sedan

    Battery life lasts a week...with the screen off, you can't compared always on display watches battery vs this one on the battery it's biased.

  63. Naveed Alam

    Naveed Alam3 dagar sedan

    He wore both the apple watch and one plus watch at the same time and said...ITS A TOUGH JOB...!!!!

  64. Ammar Yusufali

    Ammar Yusufali3 dagar sedan

    I like my Fossil Gen 5. Does everything I need and want.

  65. Vedanth Bhatnagar

    Vedanth Bhatnagar3 dagar sedan

    Wow. Thanks for reviewing _Politics: The ‘maybe’_ watch!

  66. crovelium

    crovelium4 dagar sedan

    2:04 remember when this could be used as a description for a phone

  67. Inspire

    Inspire4 dagar sedan

    Honestly if it had either tap to wake/always on + nfc payments Id get it because really thats all I need from a smart watch: Time, Notifications, Music control and the NFC payments stuff. Also Does it have the google assistant?

  68. Mursad

    Mursad4 dagar sedan

    Why doesn’t he put ads on his videos? Bruh ur missing out on a lot of money wht r u doing

  69. Aaron R.

    Aaron R.4 dagar sedan

    My 26 year old watch hasn't had a battery issue in its life time, also increased in value more than twice retail. Ref 16510

  70. DanteTheDoG

    DanteTheDoG4 dagar sedan

    For android user, Ticwatch 3 Pro is the way.

  71. Nick J

    Nick J4 dagar sedan

    I had to refresh the video 6 times to get rid of the ads😂😂

  72. 4our 4our

    4our 4our4 dagar sedan

    I texted you on Instagram 😪

  73. 4our 4our

    4our 4our4 dagar sedan

    I texted you on Instagram 😪

  74. 4our 4our

    4our 4our4 dagar sedan


  75. 4our 4our

    4our 4our4 dagar sedan

    Role model ❤️

  76. Josh Espinoza

    Josh Espinoza4 dagar sedan

    I switched to a oneplus after my Note 7 was recalled and have been with them since. They aren't the most flashy phones, but they have the features I wanted most with less of the fluff that I wasn't using and didn't want to pay for. I went ahead with the Oneplus watch since I needed a new one (using gear fit 2 believe), and the brand has been treating me well. Will see how it does, maybe the next watch I buy will be something else! Great video :) Not buying based on future updates is such great advice..

  77. 4our 4our

    4our 4our4 dagar sedan

    Role model ❤️

  78. 4our 4our

    4our 4our4 dagar sedan

    Who here watched all the ads without skipping 😂

  79. Aldex163

    Aldex1634 dagar sedan

    That T-shirt. Really? After how far you've come? ... and the life after? Anyway it's your choice. All the best

  80. Jhon marcos araujo

    Jhon marcos araujo4 dagar sedan

    i would like to buy that if that would be in my country

  81. shahid k

    shahid k4 dagar sedan

    OnePlus has gone downhill since OnePlus 3(only in tech, not on price)....

  82. Ryan Pan

    Ryan Pan4 dagar sedan

    Its so similar to huaweis GT2 watch

  83. Cam Tech

    Cam Tech4 dagar sedan

    You wear two watches, which watch do you watch?

  84. Little Shitty Studio

    Little Shitty Studio4 dagar sedan

    A watch with actual super-AI?

  85. Kinjalk Jain

    Kinjalk Jain4 dagar sedan

    Hey MKBHD, can you let me know from where i can buy it in 159 bucks ?

  86. Emoticons

    Emoticons4 dagar sedan

    I guess the implementation of the Chinese spyware took much time away.

  87. Johnny Westlake

    Johnny Westlake4 dagar sedan

    This is basically just a rebranded LiteOS watch, like the ton already out there (Huawei Watch, RealMe Watch, etc). They're actually decent for a basic smart watch with great battery life, but if you're getting one, might as well go for the one that looks the best. Huawei Watch GT2 Pro with the brown leather strap looks like an actual premium watch, and not a generic smart watch. Comes with sapphire glass and a titanium casing too.

  88. McKazou

    McKazou4 dagar sedan

    So what i hear : it's a great physical watch BUT soft isn't here. It means the V2 will probably be great =D

  89. JustRon

    JustRon4 dagar sedan

    Better go with amazfit or huawei smartwatches

  90. Robert Meech

    Robert Meech4 dagar sedan

    This watch is a competitor to the Huawei GT2, it was never to be an Apple watch competitor.

  91. Tej Parshad

    Tej Parshad4 dagar sedan

    Not worth it ...

  92. Affan Ovi

    Affan Ovi4 dagar sedan

    You are promoting Devil 😒 Hate this kinda youtubers🖕

  93. Alfred Hagman

    Alfred Hagman4 dagar sedan

    Oppo Watch is the best of the best

  94. Osman Imthiaz

    Osman Imthiaz4 dagar sedan

    Huawei watch GT 2 PRO is 👑

  95. 》《

    》《4 dagar sedan

    You forgot that you can make calls from it

  96. Zaheera Banu

    Zaheera Banu4 dagar sedan

    It's literally the same as my realme watch s instead of the software defects n stress mode

  97. Janezcka Sandvliet

    Janezcka Sandvliet4 dagar sedan

    Which smartwatch is the best budget watch for android?

  98. Muhammed Bayo

    Muhammed Bayo4 dagar sedan

    I love all your stuff am new in your channel but am interested in infinix note 8 but i don't know get one

  99. Muhammed Bayo

    Muhammed Bayo4 dagar sedan

    Am really interested in infinix note 8

  100. DrMacintosh

    DrMacintosh4 dagar sedan

    This thing has less features than a Series 1 Apple Watch. That’s a yikes.

  101. Marco A. Quan Stephen

    Marco A. Quan Stephen4 dagar sedan

    Can you review, samsung gear watchs?

  102. Kstorm 88

    Kstorm 884 dagar sedan

    I'm almost glad this watch sold out on release in a couple minutes because i was so stoked to get some battery life after hating my Fossil gen 5 and needing to charge daily. I honestly want to go back to my honor band that would last almost 2 weeks on a charge. my favorite thing i like is sleep tracking. cant do that with the fossile because it needs a charge everynight. the fact the always on display on the fossil uses less battery than raise to wake says a lot... seriously, i dont need my watch on while im working or sleeping.