ROG Phone 5 Ultimate Review: The Most Ridiculous Custom!

ROG Phone 5 Ultimate Edition is ridiculous and unnecessary and very fun.
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Phone provided by Asus for review.


  1. COzdemir

    COzdemir4 timmar sedan

    How do we go about finding this phone for sale in the US? Most listings I see on eBay and Amazon are non global versions

  2. Luqhman Shariff

    Luqhman Shariff6 timmar sedan

    U gotta send one to me man! I.e INDIA

  3. Sravan k

    Sravan kDag sedan

    When is asus rog phone 5... 256gb variant sale ? In india

  4. Ozan

    Ozan2 dagar sedan

    Noone's gonna read this but I want to get it off my chest. iPhone: Good design, fast device, non customizable, locked operating system. Expensive. Samsung: Above average, every year changing design, highly customizable, open source operating system. Expensive-ish, depending on the model. Asus ROG5: Stupid design, fastest android device, extremely customizable operating system and built-in softwares. Not that expensive in the price performance sense. Why can't I just get a device that does whatever it is I want it to do? Why do I have to pay a ton of money to Samsung for everyday use fast phone? Why still can't I get a proper file manager system on iPhones? Why Samsung put Exynos CPU's on some devices, and Snapdragon on other devices? Why why why why......

  5. Lemtem Poktui

    Lemtem Poktui3 dagar sedan

    The sensible thing to do is the buy the base model and use the extra cash to get a Playstation 5.

  6. Ben Robeen

    Ben Robeen3 dagar sedan

    why cant i buy the rog phone 5 I cant find a source to buy it on their website?

  7. Rohit Sugandhi

    Rohit Sugandhi3 dagar sedan

    Super crazy.. Love to have one in India

  8. The_Pyromancer

    The_Pyromancer3 dagar sedan

    I don't even play mobile games. Is this worth it?

  9. Aboood X

    Aboood X4 dagar sedan

    Honestly a luaghed when he did the shield task completely wrong

  10. Angad Tendulkar

    Angad Tendulkar5 dagar sedan

    5:47 Pixel 1 got headphone Jack, 2 didn't, 3 did

  11. GD Morgan

    GD Morgan5 dagar sedan

    You can pin apps in to ram since the march update. :)

  12. Neil Hutcherson

    Neil Hutcherson5 dagar sedan


  13. Mathias Egeland

    Mathias Egeland5 dagar sedan

    The battery settings is so good! Wish it would come to One UI

  14. Dr23rippa

    Dr23rippa6 dagar sedan

    Forget that its a gamer phone can we appreciate the design of the phone and that back! In an ocean of boring designs and copy cat styles...

  15. Fanatic Spyder

    Fanatic Spyder6 dagar sedan

    Excuse me can you say which monitor do you have

  16. Angelo Dela Cerna

    Angelo Dela Cerna6 dagar sedan

    Im crying, probably because the game is too good and expensive for my poor dumbass... But definitely on my goal...

  17. Chiran Gudi

    Chiran Gudi6 dagar sedan

    any link for the rainbow wallpaper?

  18. Ray Caballero

    Ray Caballero6 dagar sedan

    Is there a fan?

  19. Jihad Mustafa

    Jihad Mustafa6 dagar sedan

    Bruh, my pc has 16 gigs of ram

  20. Sir MeowMeow

    Sir MeowMeow6 dagar sedan

    yeah. i like the look. simple yet cool unlike their old designs which disgust me

  21. Laye B-CM

    Laye B-CM7 dagar sedan

    Why you always talk as if you were being monitored?🔄

  22. 25649sanchez

    25649sanchez7 dagar sedan

    where do i buy this phone in U.S? amazon has bad reviews saying its a scam getting the rog3 instead of rog5 walmart only sells rog3 in a limited quantity no rog5

  23. 25649sanchez

    25649sanchez3 dagar sedan

    @ahmed esmail asus finally emailed me back yesterday they said IT HASNT OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED IN U.S only international soo yeah redmagic 6 pro is available in u.s nd cheaper i just dnt like tje look of it it lol

  24. ahmed esmail

    ahmed esmail3 dagar sedan

    did you find anything yet, im in the same position as you, really want to buy it

  25. LiK

    LiK8 dagar sedan

    Of all the games you showed, you showed Among Us? I know it’s popular but anything can run that.

  26. Gloxzii

    Gloxzii8 dagar sedan

    Amazing how they want you to buy this phone yet I cannot find a single known place to buy it.

  27. myron jenkins

    myron jenkins9 dagar sedan

    He forgot that it also has motion sensors like the wii which adds more control settings and records video in 8k at 30fps or 4k at 120 fps and in one add I've seen it can sink to a smart TV and play dts 5.1 surround but most adds dont mention that so ehh maybe.

  28. Shamsid Sunan

    Shamsid Sunan9 dagar sedan

    Do you live in USA???

  29. Nikolov Angel

    Nikolov Angel9 dagar sedan


  30. Bionic0ne

    Bionic0ne10 dagar sedan

    There is always a DAC behind the headphone jack... Digital to Analog Converter.. it is required to take sound from 1s and 0s to an electrical audio wave. What he means is they have an extremely high end DAC of which make us audio engineers blush.

  31. GhostD0G8

    GhostD0G811 dagar sedan

    this will be my likely return to android...depends what they do with the new blackberry thats coming


    SUPER _ OG _ TANKER11 dagar sedan

    just get your self a Samsung Galaxy A72 5G for like 600$ that’s dope and its 6.7inch for a phone reeeee and camera quality is good its just a good phone lol

  33. Qqq Vvv

    Qqq Vvv12 dagar sedan

    Or just buy discounted price Rog 3 512/16 with around 500 euro. After all is just less than 1 year ”best gaming phone”.

  34. Immilling Fastpaw

    Immilling Fastpaw12 dagar sedan

    I purchased the ROG Phone II, and was very disappointed. While these phones are beastly in spec, all the power means nothing, when they can't perform in real world situations. For instance, Android devices still can't pair successfully to Honda's hands free link. After over a decade of this issue, one would think someone could fix that issue. Also I use hearing aids, and these phones just don't connect to the aids in any helpful way. Until these issues get sorted, if they ever do, they are just not worth the price.

  35. Chamila Dahanayake

    Chamila Dahanayake12 dagar sedan

    Play Call Of Duty Mobile on that phone

  36. Ninja 996

    Ninja 99612 dagar sedan

    give me😆😆

  37. LEROSS

    LEROSS13 dagar sedan

    Hello MB .i'm bodiul ..I'm bangladeshi..I'm a pubg lover..but i need hard device... i have a device..Xiaomi redmi note 7....this device already broke...i request for you can you give me a hard device? i'm poor....i have a hobby...please help me? you have a lot of device .please Begging me 1 device.. I hope you help me.. Can you help me?

  38. shivam

    shivam14 dagar sedan

    4:18 only Indians know what his character name stands for 😂😂😂😂

  39. Genesis Gozum

    Genesis Gozum14 dagar sedan

    0:35 what is his mouse?

  40. Aѕtrα

    Aѕtrα14 dagar sedan

    Now the question is where to get it that not eBay or amazon? I tried their website, and Verizon and I'm unable to find an option to check out.

  41. HL HL

    HL HL14 dagar sedan

    Can I get rid of the red effect of pressing the air trigger?🤔

  42. Claudio Rojas

    Claudio Rojas14 dagar sedan

    What trusted website can you buy this phone from?

  43. Flameraker48

    Flameraker4815 dagar sedan

    ROG Phone 5 spelled out looks like ROG phonesbecause its 5 times as powrful as your phone

  44. Darren Antonio

    Darren Antonio15 dagar sedan

    that intro thou

  45. virtualnate

    virtualnate15 dagar sedan

    The worst con of this phone is it's not water resistant...too bad

  46. Oriana 1

    Oriana 115 dagar sedan

    When will US VERSION come out?

  47. Bhavuk Arora

    Bhavuk Arora16 dagar sedan

    Best reviewer

  48. Bagas

    Bagas17 dagar sedan

    Goodbye apple

  49. Sean Munro

    Sean Munro18 dagar sedan

    Please sell me the Ultimate! Please...

  50. Ezekiel Wootton

    Ezekiel Wootton18 dagar sedan

    Coolest looking phone ever. The top real estate for a camera and calls wouldn't bother me just because I use a wireless controller. I absolutely love the esthetics though. Especially the second screen on the back. Gaming phones should be ridiculous.

  51. MMO Archives

    MMO Archives18 dagar sedan

    it really is shameful that all that ram will be useless because they didn't have top notch 4k/8k cameras to put all that ran to good use

  52. scar

    scar18 dagar sedan

    very nice review, thx for pointing out the things you did NOT like, 10/10

  53. john doe

    john doe18 dagar sedan

    Maybe just buy the laptop version.

  54. sharul poyot

    sharul poyot18 dagar sedan

    why gaming phone dont put 2 chipset in the phone ,to maximize the performance

  55. IMAX

    IMAX18 dagar sedan

    Marques, how would compare this to the Lenovo Legion Duel 2? Which do you prefer?

  56. Noht A G'nome

    Noht A G'nome18 dagar sedan

    The extra buttons makes it a fortnite phone

  57. Noht A G'nome

    Noht A G'nome18 dagar sedan


  58. Pratyush Koppolu

    Pratyush Koppolu19 dagar sedan

    Mkbhd: asus Rog phone 5 has amazing back screen Me: boring Mkbhd: It has 18 gb ram Me: so what ? Mkbhd: It has 6000maH battery Me: I am out Mkbhd: it comes with a headphone jack Me: oh yeah now we talking

  59. R. 1. GAMER

    R. 1. GAMER19 dagar sedan

    Can you give me that rog phone 3 please

  60. Dragonix

    Dragonix19 dagar sedan

    😳😳😳😳😳 amogus sus

  61. Jimmy Paton

    Jimmy Paton19 dagar sedan

    Will you be reviewing the default ROG 5? Is there enough difference for a separate review?

  62. Renan Rambo

    Renan Rambo20 dagar sedan

    Finally a massive gaming phone with a decent enough camera! The older version should have just skipped the camera part altogether!

  63. Gideon pablo mrbeast

    Gideon pablo mrbeast20 dagar sedan

    so u don't love it, give me it for 20 dollars. lmao... but i'm srs

  64. Angelo Dulay

    Angelo Dulay20 dagar sedan

    pubg mobile and cod mobile also maybe wildrift, gensin impact


    PICKLE RIC20 dagar sedan

    Wait did you just rickroll us😮1:11

  66. lol lol

    lol lol21 dag sedan

    Do these people not have a 4th birthday as well? How ridiculous.

  67. wily231

    wily23121 dag sedan

    Where do you buy this phone. I been looking everywhere that's not amazon and couldn't figure it out.

  68. ABC

    ABC22 dagar sedan

    Could you please do a review of ROG Phone 5 Pro?

  69. Visun Tandel

    Visun Tandel22 dagar sedan

    What else does a man need in dee phone 😌

  70. Jona Ralte14

    Jona Ralte1423 dagar sedan

    That phone is lit

  71. shaurya priyam

    shaurya priyam23 dagar sedan

    But i will still prefer Lenovo legion duel 2

  72. Daveed Wells

    Daveed Wells23 dagar sedan

    I like the phone but that a phone for me

  73. Daveed Wells

    Daveed Wells23 dagar sedan

    This phone looks lit

  74. Harsh

    Harsh23 dagar sedan

    Has 18GB Ram * plays Amogus * I cry in disappointment, Bruh, i would play Genshin Impact, Monster Hunter stories , Black Desert Mobile, Minecraft with Shaders and texture packs on max chunk load, all these games on max resolution and yet, this dude plays Among Us

  75. LobbY BoyS

    LobbY BoyS25 dagar sedan


  76. nastymiming

    nastymiming25 dagar sedan

    Just buy a switch instead.. this is junk.. give it a year and its nothing

  77. Yousef Alsammarraie

    Yousef Alsammarraie25 dagar sedan

    damn this is already a month old ??? i honestly forgot what happened a month ago xD

  78. Mohammad Al-Shuwaiee

    Mohammad Al-Shuwaiee25 dagar sedan

    I care about camera in the phone will this me good option ?

  79. Firas Bajjar

    Firas Bajjar24 dagar sedan

    Nope compared to flagships its kinda bad because big players like Samsung,Apple,Oneplus,Xiaomi have some huge sensors and very developed software to take advantage of it. ASUS is still pretty behind on that.

  80. Krishna Kalaskar

    Krishna Kalaskar26 dagar sedan

    Who is here after scout ?

  81. M. A.

    M. A.26 dagar sedan

    High specs on android is like makeup on an ugly girl. Not worth it. The software just isn't there.

  82. NAN Gaming

    NAN Gaming26 dagar sedan

    The processor is also connected to the camera right

  83. marcus ayers

    marcus ayers26 dagar sedan


  84. hemanth kag

    hemanth kag26 dagar sedan

    This phone might be useful not only for gamers but content creators, Because you can connect accessories with it. Only waiting for the softwares.

  85. Victor QuyUy

    Victor QuyUy26 dagar sedan

    the bad news about the screen is so let down :(

  86. Jinas Kalooparambil

    Jinas Kalooparambil27 dagar sedan

    9:31 "Acting like a notification LED on steroids" 😂😂

  87. Jeremy Delgado

    Jeremy Delgado27 dagar sedan

    The zany maple inexplicably memorise because flare regularly park among a defiant sign. gray greasy great, present land

  88. Samuel

    Samuel27 dagar sedan

    I'm the type to go all out... Can't wait to get rich though...

  89. Lord_Falcon

    Lord_Falcon27 dagar sedan

    Smh my man just Rick rolled us🥲

  90. Serbian347

    Serbian34727 dagar sedan

    It's a ROG Phablet Portable Game Console !!!!!

  91. Andrew Wolfenstein

    Andrew Wolfenstein27 dagar sedan

    I wanna buy this phone not to do gaming but so I can keep it for 8 to 10 years. I'm tired of having to buy a new phone every 2 or 3 years because it got slow from OS upgrades

  92. Firas Bajjar

    Firas Bajjar24 dagar sedan

    Yeah about that....ASUS got the worst quality control of any phone company at this price range. Is their quality control gonna be different for this one? I don't know there are no reports yet but based on their previous ROG phone 3 complaints (black crush on screen because of the inferior OLED panel and that panel dying out too quickly in 1-2years and some serious problems with their software) and based on my experience with them as a customer (bought a laptop that cost me a fortune and instead realized while the hardware is awesome it has some serious catches, worst support ever they barely respond and even if they respond they are useless and their service centers are no exception even tho they are "authorized" they are just cheap contracted ones, you can keep coming back with the thing again and again and they'll never fix it, god its like they never made the thing in first place!) and of course the terrible quality control. I wish it was just my luck but you can just google about it and see many horror stories about their quality control and service centers. Every company has quality control problems but what matters is that its not serious and you have great support to assist the customer who had a bad apple. ASUS has nothing for that, they only dodge your issues.

  93. Mani G

    Mani G27 dagar sedan

    what game was he playing at 11:11 ?

  94. venoxity- -25

    venoxity- -2527 dagar sedan

    In chinese 4 sounds like dead in chinese

  95. AmericanStoner

    AmericanStoner28 dagar sedan

    So the real question...ROG5 or Lenovo Legion Duel 2

  96. Pubg Kr

    Pubg Kr28 dagar sedan

    In INDIA the ULTIMATE edition is just for 900 💶 which is a big advantage for me.

  97. Stig

    Stig28 dagar sedan

    Compare with lenovo legion pls

  98. orochi ᴄʜʀɪs

    orochi ᴄʜʀɪs28 dagar sedan

    I wish i can buy that phone someday

  99. Muhammet

    Muhammet28 dagar sedan

    the first phone brought back the 3.5 mm jack was sony

  100. DINESH

    DINESH28 dagar sedan

    14:55 ya, but it is never gonna come true

  101. Dawid

    Dawid29 dagar sedan

    I live the idea of the screen at the back of the phone for customization. It can be a very low res black and white screen, but it's such a nice feature.

  102. John DoDo Doe

    John DoDo Doe29 dagar sedan

    My very old LG flipphone has a small rear screen that shows a clock or boot animation by default.

  103. Don Juan

    Don Juan29 dagar sedan

    _Wow I heard of this “gamer” phone but turned my head other way, didn't think it'd have this many well performing specs_

  104. Sparkalaz

    Sparkalaz29 dagar sedan

    It has more ram then my pc

  105. Allen Young

    Allen Young29 dagar sedan

    YES I AM....i want...will get.