Why Did LG Phones Really Die?

RIP LG Smartphones 🪦
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  1. Nouhou Diallo

    Nouhou Diallo4 timmar sedan

    They might come back.

  2. Zachery Smith

    Zachery Smith4 timmar sedan

    Where's the Sony link?

  3. MR ZRK67

    MR ZRK677 timmar sedan

    LG Smartphone was dead because of their marketing strategy, but some other blame for their softwares which is slow down devices performance. But only best part of LG Smartphone is HiFi QuadDac, which is great to enjoy the sound.

  4. Dan Alex

    Dan Alex8 timmar sedan


  5. KittyFlier

    KittyFlier9 timmar sedan

    HTC, LG...Which one would be the next? HUAWEI I guess?

  6. Speuler

    Speuler10 timmar sedan

    Working in a phone store I've never recommended an LG phone since the G3 indeed. There was no thing that you could really sell someone on their phones esspeically compared to all the other brands in the market.

  7. Fast Minion

    Fast Minion12 timmar sedan

    I love my LG G8X ThinQ Dual Screen and about to pass it down to my son and upgrade to the LG V60 ThinQ 5G Dual Screen. Battery life is the best of all the phones I've ever own.

  8. Dyuti Islam

    Dyuti Islam14 timmar sedan

    Using LG Stylo 5 now.LG phones were the coolest back in 2010 :( :(

  9. SemiMono

    SemiMono17 timmar sedan

    This is making me think of my pebble. All smartwatch reviewers are STILL reminiscing over the pebble (I've been watching, and it's still the best). I wonder if LG will receive any similar, lasting reminiscence.

  10. pokeman260

    pokeman26018 timmar sedan

    I switched from my LG phone to an iPhone when my LG phone broke under warranty, and customer service said they couldn’t fix it because they were no longer producing parts for my phone. Like WTF. At least I can just walk into an Apple store, and 100% know they’ll be able to help me if something goes wrong with my phone.

  11. Shibby120

    Shibby12019 timmar sedan

    Something about this video, you look really good! I like that outfit and your hair and the coloring and lighting of this shot looks really good

  12. Shibby120

    Shibby12019 timmar sedan

    Their phones just aren’t very reliable. I work for a cell phone carrier and I have worked here for years and it’s in this company‘s DNA to tell customers not to buy LG phones because they come back bricked

  13. Shibby120

    Shibby12019 timmar sedan

    I mean to be fair, galaxy doesn’t mean anything either

  14. Shibby120

    Shibby12019 timmar sedan

    Hero is being very generous

  15. DevilsSonDamian

    DevilsSonDamian20 timmar sedan

    My first couple of phones were lg, until I got a 7 and later my current iPhone 11

  16. Khôi Trần

    Khôi Trần20 timmar sedan

    1:20 MKBHD used to use phone case 😂

  17. it,s Them

    it,s Them20 timmar sedan

    LG made by far the ugliest android phones. There were some fucking BLU/ZTE/budget tracphones that looked nicer than most high end LG stuff. They always felt like they were made to look "futuristic" to someone from 2002.

  18. speedyskp

    speedyskp21 timme sedan

    Can you make a video on HTC phones? I believe they died for similar reasons as LG, despite making great phones

  19. Narcissistic Narcissus

    Narcissistic NarcissusDag sedan

    LG makes the best TVs and great other electronics as well!

  20. Ezgi Açma

    Ezgi AçmaDag sedan

    Basically LG was the genius kid who had adhd

  21. Sloghen

    SloghenDag sedan

    G2=best phone I ever had if you take in the factor when it was released

  22. Reward Kunda

    Reward KundaDag sedan

    Wow! 14 million subs!

  23. rammer jammer

    rammer jammerDag sedan

    I loved LG’s quad dac feature 🥺

  24. FlashStudios

    FlashStudiosDag sedan

    Like i said on mr.mobile's video double tap to wake was firs introduced by Nokia on the N9 witch was a werry rare phone because it was launched a few weeks before moving to windows phone but my god the nokia n9 was incredible and it was also the firs with swipe gestures like everyone has now it came with meego os witch later became tizen

  25. javier castro

    javier castroDag sedan

    So why can you not recommend the g8 only do to the hand gesture but the same sensor /hand movement is on the pixel 4xl Take that movement away did the g8 rival the s10 or s20? Then the V60 you can not recommend why? Has 4 mics on it the dac and a 5k mah battery 60hertz vs 90 hertz is personal preference and most gaming phones have been rocking 90hrtz way b4 this yr you remember the razor or the magic to name. Few all the phone you do recommend are over 800!! Oh I'm writting this on a PH-1 that you probably would not recommend but was 1st to com out with a Notch and screen to body ratio was crazy

  26. CuriouSteve

    CuriouSteveDag sedan

    Also going to miss LG because it was a phone produced in a free Nation. I just can't bring myself to the idiodicy of buying a phone based out of a place where I know their number one goal is data espionage. So I have not been able to join the lemmings club of cheap phones that look great but come at a cost. Dwindling my phone options down more and more every year

  27. Bubbles Smartiez

    Bubbles SmartiezDag sedan

    lg had 60hz display to favour battery life over high refresh. now do I feel LG could have made a good high refresh rate display and still have a good battery? I do. Do I feel that was L.G's style? no I don't. still GG LG you tried (and made damn good phones) but your marketing let you down. Thanks for the good releases v30 user

  28. EagleStrike

    EagleStrikeDag sedan

    i had a G3, it was my and my family's first ever smartphone for each of us because Verizon had a deal which basically gave us the phone for free. Maybe that's why it's considered their most popular smartphone.

  29. Joe G

    Joe G2 dagar sedan

    every thing LG sucks

  30. Kainnan Shawn Austin

    Kainnan Shawn Austin2 dagar sedan

    You want to keep that LG wing??? I want to buy one

  31. Mandroid76

    Mandroid762 dagar sedan

    They named their phones like Sony names their headphones

  32. GURken

    GURken2 dagar sedan

    my first smartphone was LG Optimus GT540

  33. 57ttocs

    57ttocs2 dagar sedan

    My first ever phone was an Envy Touch. LG will be missed...

  34. transporter06csf

    transporter06csf2 dagar sedan

    You're so funny If G3 sales were 10 Million & G2 sales were 3 million (G2 was BEFORE the G3) how can that be considered a "decline" Mr. Genius ? :)

  35. Not Isaac

    Not Isaac2 dagar sedan

    I sell phones for a major carrier and most all the sales reps I talk to try to convince people to not get LG phones because customers always came back to return them or had issues. It was honestly kind of relief that when we heard that they were shutting down they’re phones.

  36. Thanh Sơn Trần

    Thanh Sơn Trần2 dagar sedan

    It's the 5th of April today and SEtoos says it's the 7th on the video. I guess MKBHD is actually a time traveler

  37. Dentart Mhs

    Dentart Mhs2 dagar sedan

    LG and sudden death of bootloops!

  38. Aron Air

    Aron Air2 dagar sedan

    I had the G5 and have the G8 now. For the price, pretty good. I like my LG

  39. player1dad

    player1dad2 dagar sedan

    I was good with lg until the g5. The phone would through an overheat error even after one repair and one replacement. Around the same time their phones were getting stuck in boot loops I was done after that. I want to pick up something that's stable and had decent features and not gimmicks.

  40. Jamal Davis

    Jamal Davis3 dagar sedan

    Some random 13yrolds who have never heard of lg phones in their life “Rip lg you will be missed 😔👌”


    KXNG DAVID3 dagar sedan

    LG should've just stayed with the G series naming scheme. I had the G2, G3, and V20, then went back to iPhone.

  42. FlyMartian

    FlyMartian3 dagar sedan

    If they would of strictly focused on the stylo series they would of had a shot they could of been a popular budget phone company

  43. Andy Arbuckle

    Andy Arbuckle3 dagar sedan

    Wow that is very sad to hear my favour phone still today is the G3 I could do so many things that just work so well and I did not have to download an app for it and so many features that I wish my phone could do today but I can't and can't even download an app for it. If I could get the G3 today I would just with a better battery life and the latest Android

  44. Guy Mitchell

    Guy Mitchell3 dagar sedan

    So I guess no Stylo 7🤦🏾‍♂️😢😭😭😭😂

  45. Richard Scott

    Richard Scott3 dagar sedan

    I'm holding on to my LG G7 Thinq. For one reason, the sound. In my opinion no other phones compare

  46. Francisco Lopez

    Francisco Lopez4 dagar sedan

    LG would of survived if they had released an all matte-black version, just saying... /s

  47. Dave Park

    Dave Park4 dagar sedan

    Poor marketing leading to decline of sales leading to decline in research and technology leading to shitty phones leading to decline of sales leading to poor marketing.

  48. Alessandro

    Alessandro4 dagar sedan

    I still miss my LG G4, best camera I ever had on a phone

  49. ReVolving GaMer

    ReVolving GaMer4 dagar sedan

    ,:( I just wish lg was my favorite for real I had ALOT of lg phones I had the optimus I had all the v series the g series it's been a long run

  50. Aryan Kumar

    Aryan Kumar4 dagar sedan

    11:26 Can I have the link to that video PLEASE!

  51. Σκαλίδη έμαθαν

    Σκαλίδη έμαθαν4 dagar sedan

    I watch this vid with my lg g6 Lol 🙃🤗

  52. ting tong

    ting tong4 dagar sedan

    Cause of people like .....mmmm ,they r dead

  53. #Petro Pete

    #Petro Pete4 dagar sedan

    Going to miss LG phones😞😞😞

  54. Mohamad Danial

    Mohamad Danial4 dagar sedan

    I dont know why but i feel like that Quote coming from My Hero Academia anime😆

  55. Bruce Miller

    Bruce Miller4 dagar sedan

    Would have gone for a phone with a flip out keyboard if i knew it existed

  56. Franz Fong

    Franz Fong4 dagar sedan

    You wanna know why? Cause of influencers like you

  57. Blan Nii-chan

    Blan Nii-chan4 dagar sedan

    Seems like LG was the Intelligent guy from the class but smart students stole his assignments and gained popularity 😂

  58. Chandresh Golchha

    Chandresh Golchha4 dagar sedan

    I need smartphone because it can help me to study online please help me...... I am using Jio phone please help me Sir

  59. Allen Han

    Allen Han4 dagar sedan

    LG's marketing problem is using the same marketing they used in Asia for North America and the European market. People in NA and Euro audience are very different from the Asian counterpart. In case people don't know this LG stands for "Life's Good" and it's a Korean company, just like Samsung. Unlike Samsung, LG used an Asian Marketing firm, but Samsung hired an American-based marketing firm like the big guys and separated their Asian market campaigns. This is probably why no one really thought "LG V60 ThinQ 5G | Dual Screen", needed to be simplified. Asian marketing is very descriptive. In America, people have a short attention span, they just care about eye candy commercials and Camera features on their phones. Probably why "G2 and G3" sold very well, when it was shortened. But I hope this trend doesn't continue where all smartphone companies bow out because of lack of market share. Because I don't want to be in a world where I only have between Samsung and Apple to choose from. Cause if that happens it's gonna be Apple and Windows all over again and they're gonna just start making commercials about trash-talking each other like they did when "Mac Guy vs PC Guy" back then with Justin Long.

  60. mooning tappy

    mooning tappy4 dagar sedan

    So long LG, fun memories. My 1st smartphone since I switched from Nokia. Always remember that you are loved. Life has been good indeed. Salute!

  61. Andrew Paslay

    Andrew Paslay4 dagar sedan

    Bro love your vids keep em comin

  62. Hopelessdecoy

    Hopelessdecoy4 dagar sedan

    I love my LG V60 ThinQ UW with its cool dual screen case, sad to see them go

  63. hindenburg

    hindenburg4 dagar sedan

    LG G3 is the most bezelless phone at its launch and probably why it's very popular

  64. Sanakh version Jeu

    Sanakh version Jeu4 dagar sedan

    LG G2 was sooooooooooooo nice, still a really beautiful phone

  65. Luis Torres

    Luis Torres4 dagar sedan

    Lg was innovating and being copied. They also kept their headphone jack. I made the switch to oneplus because they're battery life and boot loop issues though. Other than that they made great phones. Last phone was a v20.

  66. Alexander Heyward

    Alexander Heyward5 dagar sedan

    Tried the LG Velvet but the Amazon flex app didn't work on the phone so I took it back and got a Samsung a71.

  67. D 728

    D 7285 dagar sedan

    RIP LG

  68. ___

    ___5 dagar sedan

    Very true, biggest marketing many marketers don't understand is a good name

  69. Alegz

    Alegz5 dagar sedan


  70. Tony Jacob

    Tony Jacob5 dagar sedan

    "LG die Hero" Samsung replied: Look at my tail, it's wagging in delight!

  71. NFL Fan 21

    NFL Fan 215 dagar sedan

    WOW I Using Motorola 📞📱

  72. Dylanks

    Dylanks5 dagar sedan

    I absolutely loved the V series, had the v30 40 and 50, and I was just about to get the LG wing, but that might not be the right thing to do now. I admired them for their innovation!

  73. Lord Of All World

    Lord Of All World5 dagar sedan

    Guess, every reviewer are just telling us that, LG was a first in innovating most of the things, but somehow didn't stress that out every time they were reviewing out LG phones, about the build quality in comparison with other companies with respective to price range. Well, they didn't have better PR management and didn't know what to highlight while marketing their phones and the naming of the phone too was not helping.

  74. Nathan Clegg

    Nathan Clegg5 dagar sedan

    "LG had an impact on the phone you are holding right now" Me, holding an LG phone - "yeah probably"

  75. Hassan Amin

    Hassan Amin3 dagar sedan

    Same holding to after all my past with lg


    JOHNPAUL KUN5 dagar sedan

    man the LG wing was really interesting tho. too bad LG not making phone anymore

  77. Kodi

    Kodi5 dagar sedan

    LG had serious quality control issues. I purchased 3 different models and each had hardware failure under 2 years.

  78. Kay

    Kay5 dagar sedan

    Awwww the voyager! 🥺 takes me back to high school

  79. YamiAlex224

    YamiAlex2245 dagar sedan

    The first LG smartphone I had was the LG ally. The batter was awful with very minimal use I had to charge it mid day. 7 am off he charger Togo to class. 3:15 after my last class had to charge it cause it was at 10%. I had to bring a charger. It got so bad I went back to my old VX8300 a flip phone cause I got better battery with t

  80. Edward Garcia

    Edward Garcia5 dagar sedan

    I've had a V60 ThinQ for a year so far. I've had to return it because of a faulty USB port that failed within 3 months of ownership. Got it replaced by warranty and now the new one is having the same issue. I really enjoyed LG phones I had the G3, G6, and now the V60. Great phone but this issue has me looking to buy a new phone, if the battery life on the V60 wasn't amazing I would have switched away sooner.

  81. Nyzaire Anderson

    Nyzaire Anderson6 dagar sedan

    his lips are moving a second b4 the audio and I can't unsee it


    TUTS & REVIEWS6 dagar sedan

    I've been loyal to LG for 10 years! Their phones are amazing and super durable. Even now as I write this I am still using my LG G5 phone. But I always hated their lame marketing strategy. As you say it was always "forgettable". They should have been more aggressive and creative in the campaigns.

  83. Drew 003

    Drew 0036 dagar sedan

    Now that Huawei doesn’t have google services and LG mobile is dead… now we need Xiaomi to come to America

  84. J.

    J.6 dagar sedan

    LG wasn't a hero, HTC was

  85. Nasira

    Nasira6 dagar sedan

    I'd still like to buy an LG wing for the fuck of it

  86. The Maverick Mind

    The Maverick Mind6 dagar sedan

    I had an LG Leon for a while. Nice phone. Might still have it if i didn't drop it.

  87. Charles Adrian Dominique Ang

    Charles Adrian Dominique Ang6 dagar sedan

    To be Honest? Korean Brand sucks! including their business practices....so yeah

  88. Besim Cocaj

    Besim Cocaj6 dagar sedan

    What about HTC are they dead also?

  89. The This Guy Experience!!!

    The This Guy Experience!!!6 dagar sedan

    I still want that LG wing

  90. llama lambenecio

    llama lambenecio6 dagar sedan

    Their phones are unreliable. My Nexus 5 and 5x lasted for a year and a year and half respectively. While my iphone 6 is still in good condition (4 years)

  91. Parth Patel

    Parth Patel6 dagar sedan

    Whenever I hear LG, I get flashbacks of the best phone of all time (IMO) - LG Nexus 5. Damn, I miss that phone ❤️😭

  92. Trevor Pankratz

    Trevor Pankratz6 dagar sedan

    It's not like the G8 forces you to use the gestures.

  93. Abhinav Kumar

    Abhinav Kumar6 dagar sedan

    Best phone they made is lg v 20 in my opinion. Best sound quality on phone.


    YOUTUBE IS A JOKE BY dj BONFI-G6 dagar sedan

    everyone seems sad in the comment we love you LG AND DON'T FORGOT LIFE'S GOOD ❤️


    STORMBREAKER6 dagar sedan

    Lg G4...

  96. Deep Thought

    Deep Thought6 dagar sedan

    Mannn the if you had the voyager or EnV3 back in ‘08 you were ballin

  97. Ciprian Circa

    Ciprian Circa6 dagar sedan

    Since the Optimus 3D I gave up LG. Why? UPDATES! They broke our phones with one update resulting in ghost calls , promised to fix in future update which never came. Phones became useless. They never cared about customers so they got what they deserved. Not really heroes in my opinion, not in the phone category. They do make great TV’s and other appliances, I would still buy any of their other products, but never a LG phone.

  98. Majd Wardeh

    Majd Wardeh6 dagar sedan

    It's really the exploration exploitation trade off.

  99. LevelOneStart

    LevelOneStart7 dagar sedan

    too much reliance to chinese made fone the next brand will be samsung and china will be controlling the phone business.. buy one spy one.. privacy gone down the drain.

  100. たかなしRikka

    たかなしRikka7 dagar sedan

    LG probably had a big influence on the phone your holding right now. Me: *watching on a Ipad* hehe~

  101. cristina

    cristina7 dagar sedan

    A really great video MKBHD. An honest tribute and overview of LG's contribution to the evolution of smartphones. LG truely went down a hero.