Retro Tech: Hyperconnectivity

How did we all get so hyperconnected? I’m taking a look at where it all started - the simple phone - and how things developed. How we went from answering machines to AOL messenger to Facetime. But I’m also taking a look at where it’s all going; and I’m looking at tech that will one day allow us to communicate telepathically.
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  1. william bleux

    william bleux4 timmar sedan

    And how was editing videos at the time ?

  2. william bleux

    william bleux4 timmar sedan

    2:41 I did that and it did not end well

  3. Samy Basile

    Samy Basile2 dagar sedan

    Seeing AIM, just threw me back to my childhood

  4. Tushar Sharma

    Tushar Sharma3 dagar sedan

    13:19 when you see his probe lens for the first time

  5. Nathan Garcia

    Nathan Garcia3 dagar sedan

    This video is such a waste of time why did you even do this

  6. Nathan Garcia

    Nathan Garcia3 dagar sedan

    Fuck this video looks like you put no time into this what a bum

  7. IamVeryAnonymous

    IamVeryAnonymous4 dagar sedan

    I dont get ads cuz i am using free adblocker

  8. AgentStarke

    AgentStarke4 dagar sedan

    Those AIM sounds are triggering my latent teenage social anxiety

  9. Tre916

    Tre9164 dagar sedan

    OMG, I'm 36 and watching Marques struggle with a cassette tape made my back hurt...

  10. Tony T. aka DoubleT23

    Tony T. aka DoubleT234 dagar sedan

    I lowkey want AIM back!

  11. Matt Reid

    Matt Reid5 dagar sedan

    I can't keep up with the super fast cuts in this video. I guess that's the way all things are edited now a days

  12. Michael J. O’Neill

    Michael J. O’Neill5 dagar sedan

    Omg that AIM and AOL segment really brought the memories out for me. Really was peak nostalgia.

  13. Get Me Coding

    Get Me Coding6 dagar sedan

    I really enjoy what you are doing here. Looking forward sometimes means looking at the past. These videos you have allow us to do that. To answer your question.... we still haven't arrived and we have alot of work still to do on so many levels.

  14. Edward Hodge

    Edward Hodge6 dagar sedan

    CHUCK NICE IS AWESOME, More Chuck! :)

  15. Yatindra Manas

    Yatindra Manas7 dagar sedan

    16:03 Is this a hint to a future video appearance?!👀🤕😳🤯

  16. Dire Needs

    Dire Needs7 dagar sedan

    I retired my answering machine 4 or 5 years ago.

  17. Cena Shahbazi

    Cena Shahbazi8 dagar sedan

    mind transfer download n upload it

  18. Lightfire 360

    Lightfire 3608 dagar sedan

    How did they not say anything about neurolink at the end. Especially marques as an elon musk Fan. Neurolink is working on the brainchips right now. They just Regenten uploaded a Video of a monkey playing Pong just with his mind. They are aiming for comunication inside the brain for the next 5 to 10 years

  19. Stormy Weather

    Stormy Weather8 dagar sedan

    Yet we're 50 years or more behind the military.

  20. Rockin Robin

    Rockin Robin9 dagar sedan

    that mitubishi one is like snapchat

  21. donald johnson

    donald johnson9 dagar sedan

    American On Hold

  22. yolodancers

    yolodancers9 dagar sedan

    AOL disappeared like only 10 years ago.

  23. nintyoneys

    nintyoneys9 dagar sedan

    I cant believe I'm 4 years older than you and I experienced everything in this video from the 90s.

  24. Miggy Balba

    Miggy Balba9 dagar sedan

    That old landline that transmits photos was surely used for sending nudes back in the day. Lol.

  25. joytekb

    joytekb9 dagar sedan

    Looking at all this old tech it is easy to see how much Apple changed the world.

  26. Sir Mr Jason

    Sir Mr Jason9 dagar sedan

    Okay you bring me back to my childhood this is scary 😂

  27. Jay Spice

    Jay Spice9 dagar sedan

    Of course it's from 1984.... Hypoconnectivity is Orwellian

  28. K sweeney

    K sweeney10 dagar sedan

    How has Marques never used AOL or a home landline phone?? I was born 6 months before him and I used ALL of those things. Super cool to be able to see the tech improve so fast. Still remember using AIM to message all my friends lol

  29. Jason Cardoz

    Jason Cardoz10 dagar sedan

    Never used AIM but used Windows Messenger, that was a throwback 😂

  30. markoo robenhurst

    markoo robenhurst10 dagar sedan

    did he really call his wife with that phone?? how cheap is the phone plan with old video phone?

  31. 天秀tm

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  32. Scally

    Scally10 dagar sedan

    13:52 notice how they are using reactOS and not Windows 98...

  33. NostradamAssHat

    NostradamAssHat10 dagar sedan

    The stuff in the end of this video sounds awesome and also like a privacy nightmare. If I could have something that allows me to send a message to someone else through brain to brain contact but there isn't a business involved, I'd be all for it. But you know Verizon or Google or Facebook will want to be involved so they can listen in for advertisement purposes.

  34. Jose Trevino

    Jose Trevino10 dagar sedan

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  35. Стоил Стоилов

    Стоил Стоилов10 dagar sedan

    So I would be able to RickRoll my buddies with.. MY MIND?!?!!?

  36. Varun VC

    Varun VC11 dagar sedan

    10:05 1998, and Windows XP? i like him though

  37. Varun VC

    Varun VC11 dagar sedan

    10:08 holy shit! that came very nostalgic

  38. aneebaba06

    aneebaba0611 dagar sedan

    Am I the only one who had a portable CD player among those watching? I'm 39 years old haha.

  39. Brandon Akey

    Brandon Akey11 dagar sedan

    Okay.. seriously. Adding a shit ton of rapidly changing camera angles, most of which feel like they are being held by a drunk person doesn't make your content more interesting!!! It's just annoying! It's not 'cool', it's not 'edgy', it's not 'professional' its. Just. Annoying. The angle changes once every second in some parts! Seriously! Sorry, I really had to get that off my chest. Have a nice day. Cheers!

  40. MrDryhammer

    MrDryhammer11 dagar sedan

    16:03 facetiming "The Rock". Waiting for the collaboration! 👀🎉

  41. Kirk McCosker

    Kirk McCosker12 dagar sedan

    god I feel old now.

  42. Shannon M

    Shannon M12 dagar sedan

    watching you describe the answering machine made me feel so ancient lol i just turned 40

  43. Mobeek

    Mobeek12 dagar sedan

    So, that dude created an entire machine that reads your brain but can't figure how to whiten his teeth?

  44. Yue Fan

    Yue Fan12 dagar sedan

    I love the Chumbawumba reference but it doesn't make sense! As soon as the dialup connection disconnects (and your computer is no longer connected to the AIM server), away messages won't work anymore.

  45. Mobeek

    Mobeek12 dagar sedan

    "1998" but using Windows XP... use Win 98, my dude.

  46. Kevin McDaniel

    Kevin McDaniel12 dagar sedan

    '64 NY World's Fair; Video Phones...

  47. Kevin McDaniel

    Kevin McDaniel12 dagar sedan

    Guess ya"ll didn't know that people were once hired to serve as your answering machine...ANSWERING SERVICES

  48. Blah Lbah

    Blah Lbah12 dagar sedan

    We're already having issues with just a simple vaccine. How in the world will folks "pitch" a neural implant tech to us? XD. But then again, if AOL was able to "sell" itself to the masses, I guess it's possible.

  49. Abundance

    Abundance12 dagar sedan

    Telepathy and Time Travel next please

  50. Wirajitha Wickramathilake

    Wirajitha Wickramathilake12 dagar sedan

    Hi MKBSD!

  51. SevenDeMagnus

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  52. AD P

    AD P12 dagar sedan

    I really liked this episode. I used to be a beta tester for AOL's first Windows version back on Windows 3.0 LOL :-)

  53. Derek Johnson

    Derek Johnson12 dagar sedan

    with how picky this dude is with Apple products I can't even imagine his product reviews from the 80s LOL

  54. Elon Musk

    Elon Musk12 dagar sedan

    0:45 "comes from 1984" - started to think about telescreens from the novel

  55. Cindy Eisenberg

    Cindy Eisenberg12 dagar sedan

    I got my first answering machine in the late 80’s and it was part of my phone. The answering machine was revolutionary. In the 60’s we had rotary dial phone. Most people alive today wouldn’t know how to use those. My American girl historic doll from the 80’s has a clear phone. So cool. The cell phone we have today is basically a computer and we fell naked without it. But, I remember my first cell phone barely worked. The came the expensive flip phone. It was expensive, because it was the first with blue tooth. The computer came in 2001. I remember not being able to use the phone while on the computer. I remember the ding dongs while I tried to connect and the machine was so slow. I had MSN and it was similar to AOL. DSL came before Y-FY. We were happy to get a phone call and use the computer. It was a little faster.

  56. Caius

    Caius12 dagar sedan

    oh wow

  57. Brad Hartliep

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  58. Lane Fujikado

    Lane Fujikado12 dagar sedan

    The floppy disk will still be the save icon

  59. Jose Trevino

    Jose Trevino12 dagar sedan

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  60. Ave LWH

    Ave LWH13 dagar sedan

    Retro Tech is my new favorite thing❗💚

  61. Martijn van Gammeren

    Martijn van Gammeren13 dagar sedan

    Instant communication is a very fun idea. But what about extending our knowledge by "uploading" packs of whatever into our brain like language or certain skills like gardening or playing a musical instrument. Yes it also needs practise but language would be a huge step forward. I am turning 36 very soon , oh the horror, but I'm so glad I did grew up when all these things where happening. Now as a teacher I try to make kids understand how important privacy is. Or how complex the world did become. And the bullying is not only at the school anymore but 24/7 due to social media. Overall great episode!

  62. Joan Asuncion

    Joan Asuncion13 dagar sedan

    AOL username MKBsd lol

  63. Wave Master

    Wave Master13 dagar sedan

    I remember going over to my cousin's house and they used AOL

  64. Wave Master

    Wave Master13 dagar sedan

    My parents still have their landline and a more modern answering machine/phone combo. They refuse to give up the landline and don't use voice mails. I was born in 1987 for clarity.

  65. Matthew Semones

    Matthew Semones13 dagar sedan

    in the next 37 years... MAYBE you can buy a video card... maybe... if the miners and scalpers and corporations allow it

  66. Ken Fromchicago

    Ken Fromchicago13 dagar sedan

    Marques, they left out one very important feature of answering machines and no one planned for but was emergent behavior: CALL SCREENING. Unlike leaving vmails, an answer machine could play the recording of the call LIVE as the caller was leaving a message and you could decide to pick up the receiver and talk to them--OR NOT. Thus for 20 something years, early phone messages would have people yelling "PICK UP! PICK UP!" "I KNOW YOU'RE THERE, screening the call, PICK UP!" Because people were so used to being screened knowing they themselves screened calls. Now, we screen calls based on caller id, but in the 80s and 90s, caller ID on landlines cost extra from the phone company. Call screening was the opposite of hyperconnectivity--so maybe that's why you left it out.

  67. Sharmarke Jama

    Sharmarke Jama13 dagar sedan


  68. Proto Rhinocerator

    Proto Rhinocerator13 dagar sedan

    Answering machines. One of the best features they ever put on the answering machine was the "toll saver". The feature before this was the ability to check messages remotely. You'd call your own number, enter a passcode, and then you could hear your recent messages. But if you were on a trip, that meant spending money on a long distance call to check messages. With toll saver, the answering machine would pick up after 4 rings when there were no messages, but 2 rings if there were new messages. So if it rang 3 times you hang up and don't pay for a long distance call. Picture phone. I was a kid back in 1973 and we went on a field trip to the Buhl Planetarium in Pittsburgh. They had the coolest science stuff there, and a really awesome miniature train room. In 1973 they had a picture phone. The screen was tiny, and in grainy black and white, but it worked. They had one here and another over there. I could make faces with my classmates over a real picture phone like on The Jetsons (only nowhere near as cool). The sound wasn't hooked up but they were going to fix that next week. Also, by 1975, every house in the country will have picture phones! So how cool is that? Needless to say, the 1975 thing never happened.

  69. Mitch McConahay

    Mitch McConahay13 dagar sedan

    Who’s Marques Brownlee

  70. Edwan Vi

    Edwan Vi13 dagar sedan

    ... why are you using ReactOS for AIM? Feel like that's a big point we're just skimming over here

  71. Alien Encore

    Alien Encore13 dagar sedan

    So you can give a SEtoosr an unlimited budget and access to the best tech on earth and the outcome is the same shit you don't want to watch on TV.

  72. Native2458

    Native245813 dagar sedan

    Wow the thought of communicating without speaking is a quiet/shy/introvert person's dream, too bad I won't live long enough to see it in everyday life at least.

  73. Treetop Jones

    Treetop Jones13 dagar sedan

    Send a text on your phone.

  74. Native2458

    Native245813 dagar sedan

    The next step would be a hologram of the person you're talking to.

  75. Driver wolf

    Driver wolf13 dagar sedan

    I've never seen any of this and I'm 46

  76. Torin Stevenson

    Torin Stevenson13 dagar sedan

    Being able to speak telepathically I could be so annoying

  77. enter name

    enter name13 dagar sedan

    Anyone know what the song in the first few seconds is?

  78. Kid Bear

    Kid Bear13 dagar sedan

    We want hologram phone calls!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. Alysia Robertson WAHMguide

    Alysia Robertson WAHMguide14 dagar sedan

    You have the best guests in dope or nope.

  80. Jose Trevino

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    Lol crazy this world try to do too much

  82. Nicholas Legg

    Nicholas Legg14 dagar sedan

    we need more of that dude, i dont know his name but he's awesome!

  83. Robert Morgan

    Robert Morgan14 dagar sedan

    By 1986 the phone I bought had a call center for four people and all storage was on a chip! The manufacturer? AT&T! Plus it had 2-line capacity! All for MSRP USD$149.95 before sales & rebates, USD$~99 or even less! I got 2 for less than the price of one!

  84. Kirk Shelton

    Kirk Shelton14 dagar sedan

    AIM still feels like yesterday.

  85. exzisd

    exzisd14 dagar sedan

    Personally I don't ever envision a time where I want an implant for being able to send thoughts and stuff. I think along with the implant the whole idea of an OS and UX has to have MAJOR changes in an even larger way than VR. I think VR still needs time in the oven before that concept is mastered, micro-computing will inevitably continue iterating, and peripheral technologies will have to be even more incentivizing than AOL to get people to go "online" with their mind using an implant. The idea of having an implant makes me think about the issue of upgrading and if that would be through firmware/software updates sent wirelessly and if not would you want to go through these operations to have an implant? How could the implant be minimally invasive and where is the line to be drawn with implants and wearables? I think before implants ever become practical, if they do, that line between implant and wearable will have to become a heck of a lot thinner. If a wearable could be made to be invisible or barely noticeable it would seem a lot more appealing to me than to actually have something inside my body. I think people already feel concern with how our phones and computers track our data and use that to change our neurochemistry through dopamine and creating neurogical pathways that stimulate reward for repeated activity. The idea of having that inside my brain with control over me is a thought with too many moving parts. I don't doubt that these technologies are possible because I can see the puzzle pieces with things that Elon Musk is doing and these technologies that are springing up all over the place for specific specialized use cases; I just think when it comes to implants specifically it's going to take a whole lot more to get people on board with that concept. It's frankly a bit dystopian to me and makes me think of the scene from the Matrix where Neo wakes up in that room full of tubes of people living in false realities. One final thought: Humanity really hasn't caught up with how technology effects society at large over time. There is a lag between new technologies, the adoption of them by entire societies, and the understanding of that. There are many studies that show negative effects of some of our existing technologies such as too much social media but I think a lot more care needs to be put in with the future of technology as well. I look at it similar to how smart homes went from just making things more convenient to making them better for the earth as well. I think with future technologies that developers should think how they can really be better for the individual as well beyond just convenience of sending a thought with your mind.

  86. Calm Before The Storm

    Calm Before The Storm14 dagar sedan

    I was born in 1955. This video was so fun. When Marques was putting the tapes into the answering machines I laughed out loud. The call forwarding was so "advanced".

  87. sudilos117

    sudilos11714 dagar sedan

    *Grew up with this shit* *Shaking my head at you learning to use a cassette deck*

  88. Ryan N

    Ryan N14 dagar sedan

    The ONLY WAY Apple's reign of iMessage can end is if AIM comes back as an app for both Android and iOS!

  89. Andrew

    Andrew14 dagar sedan

    Please stop saying "dope". Its not dope.

  90. Schrus

    Schrus14 dagar sedan

    So, in the future we won't know how to speak out loud

  91. blessed kuntu blankson

    blessed kuntu blankson14 dagar sedan

    You are doing really great. I'm learning a whole lot from retro tech

  92. Daniel Evans

    Daniel Evans14 dagar sedan

    I'm 23 and AIM was the absolute BOSS!!! You could choose your notification sound for the other person and KLAZON was the absolute best!

  93. Noah Lovelady-Allen

    Noah Lovelady-Allen14 dagar sedan

    “MKBSD” 😂

  94. Walt Becker

    Walt Becker14 dagar sedan

    Remember neuralink

  95. The Artmann

    The Artmann14 dagar sedan

    I would really like to watch this series 20-30 years from now:)

  96. Patrick

    Patrick14 dagar sedan

    that mouse phone reminds me of how in the 90s if you wanted to work from home or be connected undisturbed you had to have 2 phone lines. But That mouse would probably connect to that second line so you could use it without having to take your hands away from the PC (aka, work) and call... rather than being used to prevent internet disconnect. Unless you had a second phone port on pc.

  97. Timothy Risby

    Timothy Risby14 dagar sedan

    In Sweden we used MSN Messenger (Windows Live Messenger) to chat. I talked to my first girlfriend over that, chatting away several hours almost every night before we became a couple. You always asked someone "whats your msn" before even asking for a phone number. This was way before facebook etc :)

  98. kazuya賀津也

    kazuya賀津也14 dagar sedan


  99. Muhammad Ahmad

    Muhammad Ahmad14 dagar sedan

    There is so much flirting going on here, I thought I was watching a romcom😂

  100. Fraser Cottrell

    Fraser Cottrell14 dagar sedan

    It was all about msn in the U.K.

  101. VA

    VA14 dagar sedan

    Did he really try to video call the rock?