OnePlus 9 Review: Sneaky Value!

OnePlus 9 is actually sneaky good value right now 👀
OnePlus 9 Pro Review:
Also, correction: The rails of the OnePlus 9 are plastic, the back is glass (that feels quite bad). No metal. On S21 the back is plastic, and the rails are metal. No glass.
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Phone provided by OnePlus for review.


  1. Reader Everheart

    Reader EverheartDag sedan

    Kya pre booking main ear buds mile?

  2. Amol Sharma

    Amol Sharma2 dagar sedan

    No OIS, even Nord has that...

  3. Enba B

    Enba B2 dagar sedan

    Oneplus 9R Unboxing

  4. ioquirk

    ioquirk2 dagar sedan

    When you complain that the secondary camera sensor takes only black & white photos while I'm stuck with the OnePlus 6T with a completely useless secondary camera depth sensor

  5. Scott Tran

    Scott Tran3 dagar sedan

    Also doesn't have optical image stabilization OIS

  6. David Martrano

    David Martrano3 dagar sedan

    A 2 mega pickle macro, what, huh? How many people are actually gonna 🤔use it? Black & white photos? NAH! I like living color!

  7. toni lego

    toni lego3 dagar sedan

    his hand is so huge its making the phone look small

  8. Neeraj Sorout

    Neeraj Sorout3 dagar sedan

    Does it hv plastic body?

  9. MrSpice

    MrSpice3 dagar sedan

    Great review...very indepth! This was like reading the manual but more fun :) Do people even read manuals anymore Great job on your video :)

  10. Robert Mänty

    Robert Mänty4 dagar sedan

    I think OnePlus has lost their edge and now is just another Samsung or Apple wannabe. Even though I would not choose Samsung in normal life. That camera setup makes the OnePlus loose out and I would go for the Samsung between the two because of the real telefoto.

  11. Bruno_toxic

    Bruno_toxic4 dagar sedan

    Which do I get Xiaomi mi 11 or op9 cause mi 11 hast better screen and touch response rate and better Main cam but for me op9 is cheaper and it has better zoom and ultrawide.

  12. Piyush Saraswat

    Piyush Saraswat4 dagar sedan

    OnePlus 8pro or OnePlus 9. Which one is better?

  13. Trevor

    Trevor4 dagar sedan

    Why are there chapters in the 9 Pro vs the 9 videos?

  14. hype slayer

    hype slayer5 dagar sedan

    no OIS, no laser AF...NOT FOR ME! kudos!

  15. Victor QuyUy

    Victor QuyUy5 dagar sedan

    Too settled. Not a OP :)

  16. CK NorthPole

    CK NorthPole6 dagar sedan

    I've had my OP 9 since Tuesday and I had no idea that it was plastic on the sides and the back. Thought it was metal and glass^^

  17. Praneetha Moturi

    Praneetha Moturi8 dagar sedan

    Between Oneplus 8 Pro and Oneplus 9, which one is better?

  18. Praneetha Moturi

    Praneetha Moturi7 dagar sedan

    @12E29 Balakavi could you please elaborate ? Confused regarding what to buy

  19. 12E29 Balakavi

    12E29 Balakavi7 dagar sedan

    OnePlus 9

  20. Mustafa FCB

    Mustafa FCB8 dagar sedan

    One plus 9 has a glass back

  21. james montgomery

    james montgomery8 dagar sedan

    Keep up the great work, very informative as always.

  22. Cozy Shaq

    Cozy Shaq8 dagar sedan

    Watching this on my OnePkus 6T. Still a powerful phone.

  23. Christina

    Christina9 dagar sedan

    I always watch your reviews on OnePlus before buying the newest ones. Just wondering why you don't ever seem to mention the locked screen gestures. Does the 9 not have them?

  24. Dan

    Dan9 dagar sedan

    I'm so glad this phone doesn't have curved glass.

  25. hans dampf

    hans dampf9 dagar sedan

    Is it just me or are iPhones becoming more like affordable flagships in comparison. The 12 mini for example does have the flagship setup plus a long term software and update support. Still huawei, oppo, oneplus etc. flagships are way more expensive. Why is that ?

  26. hmezzy

    hmezzy11 dagar sedan

    which is better op 8 pro or op 9? now that op 9 pro prices have dropped. please let me know what y'all think.

  27. Yatindra Manas

    Yatindra Manas11 dagar sedan

    Honestly, I was a OnePlus fanboy til last year! But in the past one year, my OnePlus 6T has given me so many problems which I don't expect from a flagship, even after 2 years of use! My current opinion about OnePlus is bad! I'm going out of options, so Samsung automatically becomes my first choice in the absence of OnePlus!

  28. Prathamesh Halade

    Prathamesh Halade12 dagar sedan

    S21 would have been better if it had snapdragon in India. I purchased 8T, it’s good, but I would have preferred the S20 FE if it had snapdragon 865. Now Samsung suddenly felt need to throw the snapdragon version in the Indian market, but it’s too late for me now!

  29. ShyguyisRyguy

    ShyguyisRyguy12 dagar sedan

    found the intro part. the song is Nimble Dimble by 20syl

  30. Bhavuk Arora

    Bhavuk Arora12 dagar sedan

    Thanks bro

  31. Bhavuk Arora

    Bhavuk Arora12 dagar sedan


  32. Bhavuk Arora

    Bhavuk Arora12 dagar sedan

    Software is amazing

  33. Bhavuk Arora

    Bhavuk Arora12 dagar sedan

    Great review

  34. Bhavuk Arora

    Bhavuk Arora12 dagar sedan

    Marques is king of all SEtoos reviewer

  35. Rookie Flix

    Rookie Flix12 dagar sedan

    Can we take photos underwater?

  36. Cool Legend

    Cool Legend13 dagar sedan

    @Marques & Team Using the camera robot for all the amazing intros?!?

  37. Mateus Fernandes

    Mateus Fernandes13 dagar sedan

    Wasnt it supposed to not have an OiS and u just didnt talk about it or am I wrong?

  38. Adonice

    Adonice13 dagar sedan

    Would you recommend the op 9 i got a p20 pro and want a upgrade cause my battery is death^^

  39. mad3st

    mad3st13 dagar sedan

    How we had 400eur metal frame and matt glass phone with Oneplus 6 and we cant get back to that quality anymore. Looking for upgrade but I guess have to skip another gen again.

  40. Patrick Murphy

    Patrick Murphy13 dagar sedan

    Does anyone know where you can actually find an S21 for ~$700??

  41. Affiliate Marketing Style

    Affiliate Marketing Style13 dagar sedan

    Findet Ihr diesen Kanal auch so klasse wie ich? 🤝 Übrigens, ich hab auch so einen Kanal. Ob der auch mal so gut wird?

  42. Victor Krivor

    Victor Krivor15 dagar sedan


  43. Martin Leonhart

    Martin Leonhart15 dagar sedan

    OP9 looks ugly and cheap. Like a 250-300$ phone.

  44. M K

    M K15 dagar sedan

    Please do a review of Poco F3/ Redmi K40

  45. Darksting

    Darksting15 dagar sedan

    great review , so question , i have a one plus 7 pro 5g (sprint variant) i know weird, do you think the one plus 9 would be a decent upgrade?

  46. Darksting

    Darksting3 dagar sedan

    @Anton Helsgaun The deep insight in your answer is truly breathtaking.

  47. Anton Helsgaun

    Anton Helsgaun4 dagar sedan


  48. Baddas Bitch

    Baddas Bitch15 dagar sedan

    Marques: 2 megapixel black and white camera? But wuY? Me: _Monke_

  49. Langga Speaks Podcast

    Langga Speaks Podcast16 dagar sedan

    It's the Earthworks Icon USB at 7:14 that got our attention here! HAHA

  50. Brian Davis

    Brian Davis17 dagar sedan

    I own and love this phone. I have to say that this review is right on the money. The camera is solid and clear, but not up to Galaxy levels of quality. Also, it will never be as striking as my Note 9; however, a nice case allows me to overlook that sad fact. On the flip side, the charger and responsiveness with this phone are out of this world. I am thoroughly enjoying it two weeks into my ownership

  51. Tom Stevens

    Tom Stevens16 dagar sedan

    You don't want an S Pen?

  52. Tushar Choudhary

    Tushar Choudhary17 dagar sedan

    Watching this on my OnePlus 9!

  53. Harinath Chinnu

    Harinath Chinnu18 dagar sedan

    Bro when are you gonna review Sony Xperia 1/5 III smartphones. Waiting for ur review

  54. SavageRaff

    SavageRaff18 dagar sedan

    I always read the comments on multiple channels saying "way better advertising than the company could ever put together" Yes, that is why they send the phones to these guys...they do it for them, no need for the company to spend money on it when these guys make the videos.

  55. Black Cancer

    Black Cancer18 dagar sedan

    The "why?" part is so good for the memes

  56. musa jalil

    musa jalil18 dagar sedan

    Is it better than 8pro?

  57. Tom Stevens

    Tom Stevens16 dagar sedan

    It's $30 more expensive than the 8 Pro, so it's presumably overall better than it.

  58. Mike St

    Mike St18 dagar sedan

    samsung s21 is way better and same price

  59. Tom Stevens

    Tom Stevens16 dagar sedan

    @Mike St Which OnePlus phone did you have?

  60. Mike St

    Mike St16 dagar sedan

    @Tom Stevens if u were a oneplus owner and not an indian promoter you would know that the onrplus forums are full lf bugs reports with serious issues , it just sucks

  61. Mike St

    Mike St16 dagar sedan

    @Tom Stevens I owned one plus and samsung aswell for a long time , And one plus had issues with wifi connection , breaking on aand of not getting fixed in 1 year of update , and the camera is just not better than samsung , and many other small issues , they are just not at the level of samsung or apple and they ask for the same price , so thats why I say oneplus sucks and they just fuk themselves :)

  62. Tom Stevens

    Tom Stevens16 dagar sedan

    @Mike St Well, you still haven't mentioned what makes the Galaxy S21 'way' better than the OnePlus 9.

  63. Mike St

    Mike St16 dagar sedan

    @Tom Stevens well I think samsung sucks as well , but its better than one plus , Im actually an Iphone user so .. :))

  64. Mike St

    Mike St18 dagar sedan

    shit phone , I hate oneplus , buggy and got expensive with time , def not worth it

  65. Tom Stevens

    Tom Stevens16 dagar sedan

    What do you mean?

  66. fclp67

    fclp6718 dagar sedan

    if they just made the plastic more matte like on the s20 fe

  67. Giridhar S

    Giridhar S18 dagar sedan

    Hey Marques. There is an Indian specific model of the 9, called the 9r. Hope u get ur hands on it ASAP. IM WAITING 😄

  68. dedik mahendra

    dedik mahendra18 dagar sedan

    Hey marq don't try to hard to say this phone is good, its just overpriced junk from the company, they dont take seriously on this phone, the build is very bad, look like entry level phone, the camera doesnt have OIS, the screen is average, redmi note 10 pro can give you 120Hz on a budget, come on One Plus, are you really rebranding Oppo now??

  69. Tom Stevens

    Tom Stevens16 dagar sedan

    @dedik mahendra Why bother replying then? Oh, and I did read the spec sheet on the Poco F3 Pro, so I know what I'm talking about.

  70. dedik mahendra

    dedik mahendra16 dagar sedan

    @Tom Stevens but i dont want to response to you, because i think you just one plus fan boy, just wasting time to tell anything with you...

  71. dedik mahendra

    dedik mahendra16 dagar sedan

    @Tom Stevens dont judge before you use it, cheaper phone does not meaning it worse

  72. Tom Stevens

    Tom Stevens16 dagar sedan

    @dedik mahendra The Poco F3 has a worse display, worse performance, worse cameras, mid-range specs, and no QoL features.

  73. dedik mahendra

    dedik mahendra16 dagar sedan

    @Tom Stevens hold my poco f3 pro

  74. dedik mahendra

    dedik mahendra18 dagar sedan

    Redmi k40 : i want to eat OP 9 market. M..

  75. Tom Stevens

    Tom Stevens16 dagar sedan

    @dedik mahendra Never heard of them. In which countries do they sell?

  76. dedik mahendra

    dedik mahendra16 dagar sedan

    @Tom Stevens yes, redmi and poco are sub brand of xiaomi, they have different name for spesifict region

  77. Tom Stevens

    Tom Stevens16 dagar sedan

    @dedik mahendra So, does that mean that they're the same phones with different names?

  78. dedik mahendra

    dedik mahendra16 dagar sedan

    @Tom Stevens redmi k40 is poco f3 rebranding

  79. Tom Stevens

    Tom Stevens16 dagar sedan

    @dedik mahendra Yeah, I do. What I don't know is the Redmi k40.

  80. André Vieira Silva

    André Vieira Silva18 dagar sedan

    Hey Marques, im kind of between this and oneplus 8 pro, what would you choose?

  81. Tek Minion

    Tek Minion18 dagar sedan

    I recently purchased the OnePlus 9 to use as my work device. I have owned the device for a week and I only have one gripe. My one gripe is that the phone is too narrow. Due to this reason, the phone does not feel comfortable to hold. I purchased an OnePlus case for the device, but the Carbon case I chose is narrow as well and does not add anything to the phone really like a bumper case normally does. Overall though, I love the phone. If you are going to go Android, Oneplus is the way to go. Oxygen OS by itself for me is the only reason why I chose the OnePlus. I am not a fan of ONEUI, and stock Android is just too bare-bones for me. Oxygen OS adds just enough to stock android, and it adds the features to Android that people actually want. I do use the phone as my main camera for work, and the three-camera options are more than fine, however, I don't really use the B&W option for work. The Ultrawide is just as good as what is on my iPhone 12. Sad part is, I have to find another case :) Great Video

  82. Royal Shuvro

    Royal Shuvro19 dagar sedan


  83. UltraAtomic

    UltraAtomic19 dagar sedan

    I am seeing alot of bad consumer reviews on the s21 vs the one plus but both have littarly just came out

  84. tysonsrose1

    tysonsrose120 dagar sedan

    Great presentation!! It appears Fine for the price. The 9pro is ridiculous on the Price. it should have been 929.00 not worth 1069.00. my personal take I love oneplus phones. But im still gonna wait for 0neplus9t.....Its gone have all the specs and more as the 9pro. for 250 less. thats my take on my research on the last 3 t models that i've owned. so lets wait and see Marques, In October if my Prediction is right. I may be wrong but I doubt IT !!!! I also wanna see how those phones workout. remember to do your research Folks, It's very Important when buying a high ticket Item!! Thanks again for your well Informed Presentation..Mr. Browniee

  85. Bob Corn

    Bob Corn20 dagar sedan

    oneplus NEIN is more like it.

  86. Pranav Choudhary

    Pranav Choudhary21 dag sedan

    OnePlus need to make OnePlus 9 because it's more important than the pro version because of its legacy.

  87. Jayaprakash J

    Jayaprakash J21 dag sedan

    iPhone 8 intro music

  88. OnlyDeji

    OnlyDeji21 dag sedan

    Wow I am that person you're speaking to, coming from an LG G8, it would be a great value, but I think I was leaning towards OnePlus9

  89. Aqua

    Aqua21 dag sedan

    Can anybody tell me name of this videos' intro??????? Searching it since ages......

  90. Minty Patel

    Minty Patel21 dag sedan

    Hey plz tell me that in the one plus 9 there is no ois-optical image stabilization Marquees You did not point that out Its ok but plz tell me is ois very important Plz tell in the comments

  91. Amit Agarwal

    Amit Agarwal22 dagar sedan

    I am watching it from my 3T...😀

  92. Everything is here

    Everything is here22 dagar sedan

    Marques!! if this is honest reviews video of Oneplus why u keep everything like to promote Oneplus by using planned video as much you can Red color in background and T Shirt, maybe its the different way of promotion but you should keep the as honest amd natural review video but almost all SEtoosrs worried about the Money of promo paid videos.


    MBT19CS044 DHANVIN VINOD22 dagar sedan

    Its a good phone, until you realize you don't get OIS, in a $700 PHONE.

  94. Jordy demeyere

    Jordy demeyere22 dagar sedan

    Is he going to review their watch too?

  95. J S

    J S22 dagar sedan

    OnePlus has massively lost their way

  96. usernameunknkown

    usernameunknkown23 dagar sedan

    Stop letting everyone finance $1K phones, and the prices will immediately reset. Finance up to $250 or $400, then make the customer have to pay the difference. The whole reason prices are going galactic is because of the financing.

  97. trash

    trash23 dagar sedan

    can i disable the notch?the camera seems weird when its playing video

  98. Sagar Bhatt

    Sagar Bhatt23 dagar sedan

    Hi Marques, What would you recommend between Oneplus 9R VS iPhone 11. Getting both at same prices. Have never been an iphone user before. I have used OP5T so far, Very satisfied. But looking for a right decision to make. So, 9R or iphone 11?

  99. Tenshi

    Tenshi23 dagar sedan

    Is it a kind of phone to replace my oneplus 8?

  100. Jem Walker

    Jem Walker23 dagar sedan

    I've yet to see a new OnePlus I'd replace my OnePlus 5 with tbh

  101. capt. nemo

    capt. nemo24 dagar sedan

    1+9 or rog low end?

  102. Mr. TECH Lad

    Mr. TECH Lad24 dagar sedan

    This vid got more stuffed than marvel movies

  103. PK Style Creations

    PK Style Creations24 dagar sedan

    Can you do review for vivo x60 pro , or compare it with one plus 9

  104. fade

    fade24 dagar sedan

    a useless tiny bw camera and a slow wireless charging? what a WASTE! why, oneplus, WHY? should've made it cheaper instead...

  105. GHND Live

    GHND Live25 dagar sedan

    The Xiaomi 11 is beter 144hz 1400p for 700 euros

  106. Meme Boy XD

    Meme Boy XD25 dagar sedan

    if i'm the gamer type, and i don't care about the camera, is it a good deal for me ?

  107. FaithGiant_NinetyOne

    FaithGiant_NinetyOne25 dagar sedan

    No headphone 3.5mm port? That's honestly an important feature for me, as Bluetooth earpod batteries die so quickly these days.

  108. Mohit Shah

    Mohit Shah25 dagar sedan

    Oneplus 9 indian variant doesnt have fast charging and only 2 5g bands! Oneplus will fall so bad... Done

  109. Tywan James

    Tywan James25 dagar sedan

    But the phone is a lot thinner though.

  110. Mohit Shah

    Mohit Shah25 dagar sedan

    How much oneplus paid you! Oneplus 9 is just a garbage

  111. Srikar Velavarthipati

    Srikar Velavarthipati25 dagar sedan

    Idk abt y’all but as of 2021 apple iPhones >>>>>>>

  112. Agent Spycrab

    Agent Spycrab26 dagar sedan

    is it just me or are MKBHD's videos always very sibilant even across different headphones

  113. EazyVG

    EazyVG26 dagar sedan

    Waiting for 9T, hope it will be a better package and at a good price. Till then I have switched from my OP 7T to Xiaomi.

  114. Dhanush Gowda

    Dhanush Gowda26 dagar sedan

    No one speaking of absent OIS?? It's norm to have OIS at that price so probably MKBHD missed it?

  115. M 45

    M 4526 dagar sedan

    It'd be bettee if OnePlus just launched two phones OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro. I wouldn't mind OnePlus 9 without Hasselbland camera performance. What I cared about Snapdragon 888 at most affordable price.

  116. Bouncer 909

    Bouncer 90926 dagar sedan

    In short this phone is garbage.

  117. Tywan James

    Tywan James25 dagar sedan

    Because of the cameras?

  118. ktownkanak808

    ktownkanak80826 dagar sedan

    It's a nice phone. For that price though, I'd say wait until the S21 Samsung phones go down in price. 👍

  119. Francisca Juan

    Francisca Juan26 dagar sedan

    The abrasive whale certainly fax because department habitually live by a zealous crawdad. pastoral, female fertile engineering

  120. darkbarbas

    darkbarbas27 dagar sedan

    if it's plastic, it may as well be with removable battery. Just saying.

  121. Abhishek Jain

    Abhishek Jain27 dagar sedan

    Bro it is Snapdragon 870 not Snapdragon 888

  122. ast5515

    ast551527 dagar sedan

    Samsung just beat OnePlus at their own game. On another note, the OnePlus 8 Pro is the worst phone I've owned. And I'm glad I got my money back through warranty. Time to jump ship.

  123. Doc Holliday

    Doc Holliday27 dagar sedan

    What the F**k happened to the intro, "Hey what is up guys, MKBHD here". We like that intro!

  124. Inger Pitre

    Inger Pitre27 dagar sedan

    The unkempt ray electrophoretically confess because swiss archaeologically step astride a whispering whistle. regular, wide-eyed detail