The Ultimate Custom PlayStation 5!

The best addons for the ultimate PS5 experience!
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Controller faceplate:
Western Digital GameDrive:
Controller dock:
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Austin Evans' Ultimate PS5:
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  1. Jonathan Servance

    Jonathan Servance46 minuter sedan

    (Big sigh) got a notice that the PS5 was on sale today, at 3:32 PM, at 3:34 PM sold out. This is harder than buying the new Jordan's when ever they come out. Their are plenty of PS5's for sale but the Vampires on ebay and other sites, want a thousand dollars and your soul. I work full I have no extra souls to give. 3 years from now when they come out with the PS5 pro I would have my hands on this one, I am off my soap box.

  2. N. S

    N. S2 timmar sedan

    Marques: Ultimate Custom PlayStation 5! Austin: Amateur! Jk. I just saw this in my recommendations and thought bout this comment

  3. American patriot

    American patriot17 timmar sedan

    Xbox series X is such a better system and I mean that and I have both and that opinion stays. Also the elite series 2 controller is also so much batter than the Ps5 controller. Just saying

  4. Patrick Whalley

    Patrick Whalley3 dagar sedan

    I am one of those people who can't get a PS5 cuz they sell out literally 5 seconds after pre-orders drop

  5. Jonathan Handy

    Jonathan Handy3 dagar sedan

    I have that same little LED Moon light too. From that Samsung Galaxy free gift app

  6. Ryder Playz

    Ryder Playz4 dagar sedan

    I love slackboy😆

  7. Muhammad Essat

    Muhammad Essat4 dagar sedan

    The best headphones are the Sony pulse 3D for the PS5. You truly feel immersed in the game.

  8. Cris Formage

    Cris Formage9 dagar sedan

    3:38 why would you customize something you're going to break anyway

  9. iKiwi

    iKiwi9 dagar sedan

    “The controller itself is already $69, so not bad.” One could say it is also...nice

  10. D4RC N3T

    D4RC N3T9 dagar sedan

    4:34 there are much cheaper option than colorware. there are now full replacement controller shells and all buttons, can be found on Amazon, ebay, Aliexpress

  11. Stefan Denis

    Stefan Denis10 dagar sedan

    I like the original colors of the PS5

  12. lilstump55

    lilstump5513 dagar sedan

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have eternal life

  13. Troy Addict

    Troy Addict14 dagar sedan

    I definitely going to get one I don’t like the white color I definitely don’t want my controller white it get so dirty

  14. RandomName

    RandomName15 dagar sedan

    "15 Bucks is cheap for a new piece of plastic"...? Prob costs like 10 cents to make.

  15. crypyti c

    crypyti c15 dagar sedan

    just got one. games i should play other than he listed

  16. GuiltyCrownJx GuiltyJX

    GuiltyCrownJx GuiltyJX19 dagar sedan

    Wait headphone brand steelseries what model? I heard arctis only what number?

  17. Michael Price

    Michael Price19 dagar sedan

    I'm sorry, but I think DIY Perks has you beat!

  18. Anubiz

    Anubiz20 dagar sedan

    News flash, there are red and blue ps5 faceplates 😂. I have all three, look around they’re out there.

  19. Oliver Wulff

    Oliver Wulff20 dagar sedan

    The reason I don’t want a PS5 is purely because of the lack of particular games and also much more people including my friends have Xbox so you can have a lot more fun on the Xbox

  20. funkyfreshflavor4u

    funkyfreshflavor4u21 dag sedan

    Why are todays sports games basically in slo motion? I can't deal with that, the graphics get better and they slow the game down for some odd reason. It's not more realistic or fun to play.

  21. Jay Davila

    Jay Davila21 dag sedan

    funny how literally no one is talking about the xbox series x

  22. Gr33n Yosh1

    Gr33n Yosh122 dagar sedan

    Hey guys this is Marquees

  23. Devalish XB

    Devalish XB23 dagar sedan

    Achieved the ps5 gang where yall at

  24. Tech stuff with AkSHAJ

    Tech stuff with AkSHAJ23 dagar sedan

    The customisation is staggering 🔥🔥🔥

  25. Ephraim Jonathan

    Ephraim Jonathan23 dagar sedan

    does he get any better? never knew he used the best console ever!

  26. Rupesh Malpani

    Rupesh Malpani24 dagar sedan


  27. Juan Hernandez

    Juan Hernandez24 dagar sedan

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  28. Liam Benn

    Liam Benn26 dagar sedan

    Still not got one....

  29. Juan Hernandez

    Juan Hernandez27 dagar sedan

    The spiteful fine multivariably sin because peony bacteriologically attract beneath a magnificent deborah. abiding, flowery direction

  30. Vietcong Soldier

    Vietcong Soldier28 dagar sedan

    Who else got ps5 I did

  31. Dark Panda

    Dark PandaMånad sedan

    Custom Xbox series X please

  32. Tye Farrar

    Tye FarrarMånad sedan

    You can get the plates on Amazon too guys and they might be a little cheaper or the same price

  33. deefweeb

    deefweebMånad sedan


  34. sam dragon

    sam dragonMånad sedan

    I got the digital ps5

  35. Berta Benitez

    Berta BenitezMånad sedan

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  36. Jordan Johnson

    Jordan JohnsonMånad sedan

    Don't really care too much for the system faceplates but that blue controller plate looks pretty dope.

  37. noomy 663

    noomy 663Månad sedan

    I need some sort of hood that makes this look slim and more fit in a living room. One that meets necessary ventilation and stable operation.

  38. Aariz Bhari

    Aariz BhariMånad sedan

    thanks for fingers crossed, got one

  39. Paul humphreys

    Paul humphreysMånad sedan

    you can`t call this the ultimate custom ps5 see the water cooled build

  40. Honorable Mentionz

    Honorable MentionzMånad sedan

    Sell me a ps5

  41. Massimos RYDER

    Massimos RYDERMånad sedan

    Hey is the dbrand shells the same size as the original white plates because I want to put it in a wall mount and I want to make sure it’s compatible with the wall mount

  42. Skits And Reviews

    Skits And ReviewsMånad sedan

    “Slackboy big adventure”

  43. Mohamed Khalid's

    Mohamed Khalid'sMånad sedan

    You can also purchase PlayBox series 5

  44. hynde_dk 12

    hynde_dk 12Månad sedan

    Mine ps5 is on its Way yay

  45. MasGuardian

    MasGuardianMånad sedan

    Just watched it on my PS5 😎

  46. Tadas Cizauskas

    Tadas CizauskasMånad sedan

    When he said 30$ is cheap :DD

  47. Joshua Guest

    Joshua GuestMånad sedan

    First thing I got was a USB hub

  48. Drunken Paddy

    Drunken PaddyMånad sedan

    Should have used a wireless reciever instead of a docking station. I bough a semi decent one and its so much easier. just drop the charger down and its charging. No need to wiggle it or hope its in place

  49. El Sapo

    El SapoMånad sedan

    Do I see Theorist merch?

  50. Daily Chill Vibe

    Daily Chill VibeMånad sedan

    He doesn’t meant that Austin is destroying ps5 right ?!

  51. Brivic

    BrivicMånad sedan

    The white one is still the best.

  52. emon chakma

    emon chakmaMånad sedan



    DHRUV TIWARIMånad sedan

    IN India its difficult to get hands on ps5 now this guy is getting hands on custom editions

  54. J Wilson

    J WilsonMånad sedan

    Did he just say urange??😂 At 4:20

  55. RANDOM

    RANDOMMånad sedan

    controller modification is the only thing which most people would customize

  56. Josiah Appiah

    Josiah AppiahMånad sedan

    i saw a nike one and got it

  57. Typical Speed

    Typical SpeedMånad sedan

    Who else thinks that sounds like a pistol in fortnite 8:24 to 8:25

  58. Awanish Jadon

    Awanish JadonMånad sedan

    But still there is one problem with ps5 mann! MONEY🥴

  59. szewei1985

    szewei1985Månad sedan

    Haha cool mang

  60. Relax music Therapy

    Relax music TherapyMånad sedan

    I got 2 ps5 one for me a one for my cousin

  61. marvin furio

    marvin furioMånad sedan

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  62. Tonya Sanders

    Tonya SandersMånad sedan

    The healthy collision peripherally stare because blizzard identically reject plus a dramatic cut. old, wonderful millisecond

  63. Arslan

    ArslanMånad sedan

    Waiting for Google pixel 4a 5g review.

  64. unpossible11

    unpossible11Månad sedan

    My only problem with the ps5 is the voice chat comes out of the little speaker on the ps5 controller and not my tv. Yes I checked on the settings and there is no way to change that. Well Sony can make an update to fix that but they are slacking.

  65. Jake

    Jake2 månader sedan

    WHY don't they let you change the color of the LED on the controller or console? It would be so simple to do and add a lot. Please Sony. 🥺

  66. Jake

    Jake2 månader sedan

    The PlayStation Plus releases have been great. It's nice to get both PS4 and PS5 monthly free games. Especially when the PS5 games were the big starter games they were pushing. I think they were games that implement cool new features that I would want to try, but aren't interesting enough to pay full price for. Playstation Now still sucks, but overall I'm really impressed by Sony. It seems like they might actually care about quality and reputation as much as money.

  67. Read my ABOUT section PLEASE

    Read my ABOUT section PLEASE2 månader sedan

    I apologize sincerely for commenting here. I'm not a bad person, just so desperate for help. You have a spare $1? Tryin' to save to get a working laptop - to start a homebased job. Got 0 opportunities outside. 😢 Lost a lot since 2020.

  68. Bama Satish

    Bama Satish2 månader sedan

    Just got my ps5 yesterday

  69. ExZACly _

    ExZACly _2 månader sedan

    Anyone else notice how he is wearing the game theorists merch shirt?

  70. Nate

    Nate2 månader sedan

    Big fan also you don’t have a video with mrwhosetheboss

  71. TwinTurbo Ray

    TwinTurbo Ray2 månader sedan

    This is for 14 year olds right?

  72. saad bapuji

    saad bapuji2 månader sedan

    Who else is watching ps5 videos, wishing they had one 😭😭😭

  73. FBI

    FBI2 månader sedan

    "Sad Austin Evans noices"

  74. Epic gamer

    Epic gamer2 månader sedan

    You should be ashamed of yourself. You got a xbox WD black gamedrive for ps5

  75. Dhairya Saklecha

    Dhairya Saklecha2 månader sedan

    Please do a video on iPad 7th generation

  76. caden3ds

    caden3ds2 månader sedan

    Such an original video

  77. Moein Mirjalili

    Moein Mirjalili2 månader sedan


  78. Olivia Noah

    Olivia Noah2 månader sedan

    Wow @yber_hacker on Instagram just helped me hack my PS5 under 10 minutes no doubt his legit💯✅

  79. Gerry Gotama

    Gerry Gotama2 månader sedan

    Will there be a slim?

  80. TheTripleTKA

    TheTripleTKA2 månader sedan

    6:26 sex. money shot!

  81. 10/10 Game trailers

    10/10 Game trailers2 månader sedan


  82. انسان على الارض

    انسان على الارض2 månader sedan

    The PS5 design is ugly

  83. Eddy Racine

    Eddy Racine2 månader sedan

    Dang would be nice if THERES ENOUGH PS5

  84. Nuwaisir Rahman

    Nuwaisir Rahman2 månader sedan

    at this point im gonna wait for rgb plates

  85. jl ros

    jl ros2 månader sedan

    Think you mite be wrong for the internal memory. It was said the firm ware and memory u can buy will be for ps5 games

  86. Sees qvik

    Sees qvik2 månader sedan

    The black ps5 looks so much better than the original white one

  87. Android Gameplay World

    Android Gameplay World2 månader sedan

    Very nice

  88. styner3

    styner32 månader sedan

    Unbelievable...three months later I still can't buy a PS5.

  89. jokamutta

    jokamutta2 månader sedan

    What? So u can't upgrade the storage for PS5 games at all???

  90. MaynardzDick

    MaynardzDick2 månader sedan

    He talks more white then me

  91. BG DBZ BOY

    BG DBZ BOY2 månader sedan

    Bruh you tat funny af

  92. Gigster

    Gigster2 månader sedan

    Did Marques just said “Slack boy”? 1:11


    SSDRAJ CREED2 månader sedan

    Hey @Marques Brownlee, could you share the link for the headset?

  94. Thedarkknight47

    Thedarkknight472 månader sedan

    “ The controllers have the Most wear and tear because you are always holding it “ cmon , most of us throw it !!

  95. Aadi Ringay

    Aadi Ringay22 dagar sedan

    *rich white people throw it

  96. MeHst

    MeHst2 månader sedan

    Does spray paint work as well?

  97. skylee s

    skylee s2 månader sedan


  98. Kim

    Kim2 månader sedan

    Nah, the ps5 design is still ugly

  99. AC Medina

    AC Medina2 månader sedan

    I’m from 2030, PS6 is out and there’s still no PS5 stock.

  100. Ainiyaer Aishanjiang

    Ainiyaer Aishanjiang2 månader sedan

    Why am i watching this i dont even own a ps5

  101. Haider Asif

    Haider Asif2 månader sedan

    I hate this content such click bait I swear so bad

  102. BG DBZ BOY

    BG DBZ BOY2 månader sedan

    Stfu jk not toxic say what you want

  103. Matthew Melendez

    Matthew Melendez2 månader sedan

    I love colorwear