The Ultimate Gaming Phone!

Plug it in TWICE. The Legion Duel 2 is unapologetically gamer.
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Phone provided by Lenovo for review.


  1. Lizette Cuellar

    Lizette Cuellar16 timmar sedan

    Minecraft lol

  2. Natey Deru

    Natey Deru16 timmar sedan

    That phone looks like ROG UNLIMITED

  3. King Jai

    King Jai16 timmar sedan

    Any free fire players👉☝️

  4. Camera

    Camera16 timmar sedan

    Trying to take a picture with that would not work holding it upright

  5. Gaming Mado

    Gaming Mado17 timmar sedan

    But it's not in egypt am so sad

  6. A Piece Of Bread

    A Piece Of Bread18 timmar sedan

    Call of duty and brawl stars

  7. Ahammed Sadik

    Ahammed Sadik21 timme sedan

    Which is the best gaming phone? Can you please help?

  8. Penn Ryan

    Penn Ryan22 timmar sedan

    i would love to see a profile of a mobile gamer... who are these people?

  9. Ray

    RayDag sedan

    Streamer boi’s phone. Lol.



    GAME Reviewer why not pubg

  11. Akhil R

    Akhil RDag sedan

    Free fire ❤️

  12. Jeh Corin

    Jeh CorinDag sedan

    Yup, i would definitely buy this phone for competitive league of legends wild rift. Especially wild rift is now testing 120fps mode on flagship phones. Rog 2 3 5 is on testing mode rn. So yeah definitely buying this

  13. Dulina Nisal

    Dulina NisalDag sedan

    Give me it

  14. ShadyDaddy

    ShadyDaddyDag sedan

    Personally I won’t buy a specific gaming phone. Most mid/high end smartphone is capable playing at max graphic which I don’t think most gamer use in a competitive game like cod,pubg etc. The only downside of using a smartphone is the battery life and ofcourse the heat from long period of gaming session. Other than that it’s perfectly fine.

  15. Hisaudience

    Hisaudience2 dagar sedan

    "Battery is low" he says while at 83%

  16. Hybred

    Hybred2 dagar sedan

    They should make a case for this that makes the back the same height as the thing in the middle so its easy and natural to hold as a regular phone when you're not gaming, maybe even with a little cover for the camera since its in the middle to. Then you can take it off if you want when it's time to game, this might make it appealing to people who want it as a main driver as well. Just a thought

  17. Caleb Waddell

    Caleb Waddell2 dagar sedan

    That opening could've been the whole review.

  18. Otakutaru

    Otakutaru2 dagar sedan

    Honestly... I really like that. It obviously is not as strong as a switch, but I can see the value in a console/phone


    JJBLITZS2 dagar sedan

    Battery Is Low Plugs It In Shows 83% 😂

  20. Autumn Bees MPL Highlights

    Autumn Bees MPL Highlights2 dagar sedan

    Im buying this phone (although i have no money rn), it has everything i need. I will mostly play LOL : Wild Rift and PUBGMobile on it.

  21. The Most Wanted

    The Most Wanted2 dagar sedan

    But in the intro he says “ugh low battery” But when plugs it in it’s 83% Bruh

  22. Ngugi kamash

    Ngugi kamash2 dagar sedan

    If I had cash I would but it just 4 pubg & mini militia


    CRUZO GAMER2 dagar sedan


  24. Ashraful Hoq

    Ashraful Hoq2 dagar sedan

    Not for me

  25. shafin

    shafin2 dagar sedan

    when he said "Any REAL games on your phone" & pissed off millions of 9 year olds 🤣🤣🤣 I wish I could see their faces lmao

  26. Isidro Reyes

    Isidro Reyes2 dagar sedan

    That phone is really dope😌! Me getting one of those for my Call Of Duty gaming Thanks alot MKBHD

  27. Shyan ticala

    Shyan ticala2 dagar sedan

    Still not sure if the ROG 5 or this one is better.

  28. Alex Entertainment

    Alex Entertainment2 dagar sedan

    here's the thing, games arent being made for crazy phones like this. having a flagship that has a better camera and is more versatile just has to be better than this gimmick, because everything it does my iPhone will do comparably. Get a Razor Kishy if you're that into mobile gaming

  29. Ali Zafar

    Ali Zafar2 dagar sedan

    I mean, he was Bronze V so...

  30. Infallible

    Infallible2 dagar sedan

    9:28 That game has nothing but bots in it, literally anyone can win very easily

  31. Infallible

    Infallible2 dagar sedan

    "Batterys low" "Plug it in" 0:13 *83% battery left*

  32. Leul Zegeye

    Leul Zegeye3 dagar sedan

    Please do giveaways Help out people that really need a phone

  33. mohamed fasil

    mohamed fasil3 dagar sedan

    It has everything except durability

  34. Bulletproof Samurai

    Bulletproof Samurai3 dagar sedan

    Putting an armor case with ring stand will be tricky

  35. Shitass

    Shitass3 dagar sedan

    So Powerfully.... *Expensive*

  36. Mukki Tukki

    Mukki Tukki3 dagar sedan


  37. Sexy Girl

    Sexy Girl3 dagar sedan

    I play minecraft

  38. Rohit

    Rohit3 dagar sedan

    83% battery low ? 😂 my battery is 20 %

  39. Jimbo Bimbo

    Jimbo Bimbo3 dagar sedan

    Wait... couldn't this 90 Watt charger also be used for Laptops with USB charging? It that case it would be a great travel accessory anyway. I could use it with my Zephyrus G14 gaming notebook.

  40. Jimbo Bimbo

    Jimbo Bimbo3 dagar sedan

    A phone with a cooling fan? This is crazy...

  41. Supa Breezer

    Supa Breezer3 dagar sedan

    First pubg mobile game , youll only fight with bots😂😂😂


    ADEOYE EMMANUEL3 dagar sedan

    Yeah, I would buy a phone tailored at playing games better. I play PUBG

  43. Samuel sowunmi

    Samuel sowunmi3 dagar sedan

    Pls I want to buy phone that can play pes smoothly and run so smoothly etc It's samsung galaxy a02 vs gionee s11 and gionee is 64 gb and 4gb ram and battery 3030 mah etc, and 5.7 inches.And I asked a pes youtuber he told me it will not be best but excellent. Samsung galaxy a02 is 6.5 inches,3gb ram and storage is 32gb and battery is 5000 mah etc. Which is best and u may also state why,pls I am confused 😕


    ICHIGO YT3 dagar sedan

    im a free fire youtuber and would definitely buy a phone just for my game

  45. OX_K9

    OX_K94 dagar sedan

    yeah...i would consider buying a gaming phone coz am using a low end phone to game and it gets really hot......and btw i play call of duty mobile

  46. Raja saif

    Raja saif4 dagar sedan

    lol at 83 charging low

  47. Saurav Upadhyay

    Saurav Upadhyay4 dagar sedan

    Dude 83% is not low battery 🔋😂

  48. Asfandyar Khan

    Asfandyar Khan4 dagar sedan

    I would DEFINITELY buy this!! A lot of games I play, I end up playing them on an Android emulator on my gaming PC rather than my Samsung S10. Some have direct PC clients like Genshin Impact (5:57) because playing them on my Phone is just...unplayable haha! How much this cost cause I need an upgrade...

  49. Ger -

    Ger -4 dagar sedan

    Battery is low........ *83%*

  50. The Immortal Sun-kun

    The Immortal Sun-kun4 dagar sedan

    TIL 83% is low battery

  51. Siddharth Vinod

    Siddharth Vinod4 dagar sedan


  52. Shresth Kumar

    Shresth Kumar4 dagar sedan


  53. Pranav Sivakumaar

    Pranav Sivakumaar4 dagar sedan

    Yes, I will get that bro and I'm playing pubg, cod,ff,coc

  54. Mohammad ali Mohammadi

    Mohammad ali Mohammadi4 dagar sedan


  55. Mc Puzon

    Mc Puzon4 dagar sedan

    I like this phone 📱

  56. Chris Eddinger

    Chris Eddinger5 dagar sedan

    yes mlbb

  57. Yasir Saleheen

    Yasir Saleheen5 dagar sedan

    I kinda want this phone now. I am not a big mobile phone gamer but it would be fun to see what big titles mobile has to offer. The phone I have now can run heavy graphics games but it gets crazy hot.

  58. Heart Beat

    Heart Beat5 dagar sedan

    Which phone

  59. werter

    werter5 dagar sedan

    now i can finaly play angry birds at 4k 60fps

  60. David McKee

    David McKee5 dagar sedan

    This is why sony stopped making psp lol

  61. David McKee

    David McKee5 dagar sedan

    Okay, petition to put two charging ports on every phone to get half-hour 0-100%. Like, now. And I seriously would NOT mind having L1 and R1 buttons. That should be mainstream on next razer phone or oneplus.

  62. TECH 7 PRO

    TECH 7 PRO5 dagar sedan

    Where is selfie camera

  63. ThomaZ8090_o

    ThomaZ8090_o5 dagar sedan

    Marques: battery's low 0:14: 83%

  64. Daniel Villasista

    Daniel Villasista5 dagar sedan

    next time when testing a gaming phones performance be sure to do it with BLACK DESERT MOBILE with all maxed out GRAPHICS and FPS.

  65. bobby

    bobby5 dagar sedan

    Never knew Lenovo had mobile devices up until watching this video. Lmao

  66. Storm Shadow Gaming

    Storm Shadow Gaming5 dagar sedan

    No I’m not buying that phone for games I have a iPod mine 5 This is plenty for me and I play PUBG mobile Great video Love for Bangladeshi ❤️🇧🇩✌️

  67. Steven ni

    Steven ni5 dagar sedan

    Lenovo: let's add this feature me: what

  68. Ayaan Nadamal

    Ayaan Nadamal5 dagar sedan

    Trubo Fan 5:20 😂

  69. Saikiran Kanna

    Saikiran Kanna5 dagar sedan

    Mmm I can consider a gaming phone bcoz I m a mobile gamer and the device feel snappier too.. in gaming phones like rog..❤️

  70. Xyilo

    Xyilo5 dagar sedan

    i wanna get this phone to play geometry dash lol

  71. ZeroBlue

    ZeroBlue6 dagar sedan

    Technically a phone can have 5 charges 4 cables and a wireless one

  72. Siddhant Singh

    Siddhant Singh6 dagar sedan

    man,use iqoo 7 with 120w charging and upload review please

  73. Justis Miller

    Justis Miller6 dagar sedan

    that intro was fire

  74. Isai Lopez

    Isai Lopez6 dagar sedan

    Yes!!! COD, ASPHALT, and GENSHIN IMPACT the last one very hard on your battery!!

  75. Abdullah Tamer

    Abdullah Tamer6 dagar sedan

    MKBHD: battery is low Battery: 83%


    OMG_GAMERS6 dagar sedan

    Redmagic 6pro is best Or lenovo region duel 2😍😍🥰😘🤔🤔


    KETCHUP X KING6 dagar sedan

    The funny thing is that he says his battery is low but it's at 85%

  78. What You Want Is Here

    What You Want Is Here6 dagar sedan

    Hey Marques! I just wanna know that if your mobile has 83% battery then how is it a low battery?

  79. Ian Coo

    Ian Coo6 dagar sedan

    It reminds me a bit of a modernised Nokia N-GAGE

  80. Aryan Kamat

    Aryan Kamat6 dagar sedan

    lmao cod

  81. Navaneeth PM

    Navaneeth PM6 dagar sedan

    The funny thing about this is when the video starts he says that the battery's low and when he charges it shows 83% Lmao🤣🤣🤣

  82. AG Photography

    AG Photography6 dagar sedan


  83. Corbin Rocha

    Corbin Rocha6 dagar sedan

    what is that wallpaper in the background

  84. Manjit OP

    Manjit OP6 dagar sedan

    Battery is low.... Put the Charger Instantly 83% that's incredibly fast 😙

  85. Alpha_Was_Taken XD

    Alpha_Was_Taken XD6 dagar sedan

    At 0:00 He is like battery low than Next MKBHD says plug it in that he says I wish it was fast than again Next MKBHD says Yeah plug it in then he does so and Next MKBHD is like oh okay that is cool.

  86. TheGingerLord 93

    TheGingerLord 937 dagar sedan

    ebay where you at 😃🙏🏻👌🏻🤣

  87. triplea2k5

    triplea2k57 dagar sedan

    best intro, MKBHD black mirror episode

  88. Nwabuoku Paul

    Nwabuoku Paul7 dagar sedan

    Cod mobile

  89. Michelle Booher

    Michelle Booher7 dagar sedan

    My husband is considering a gaming phone for his next phone, not because he's super into gaming, but because he's not super into anything else, he'd really appreciate the responsiveness of the phone, the aesthetic appeals to him, and he does game. I'd appreciate not having to sit around waiting to go places because he forgot to charge his phone again. I'm going to point him at this.

  90. Mayumi Hot Asian Step Sister

    Mayumi Hot Asian Step Sister7 dagar sedan

    this phone has more power than my pc!!!

  91. Mickhail Hendrix Santos

    Mickhail Hendrix Santos7 dagar sedan

    I play call of duty mobile

  92. Von Sakamoto

    Von Sakamoto7 dagar sedan

    I want it I check the price tag I check my wallet I cri

  93. Lance Du

    Lance Du7 dagar sedan

    Is it 5g?

  94. Arman Malik

    Arman Malik7 dagar sedan

    I want this type of phone for gaming but my bad

  95. Square Ghost YT

    Square Ghost YT7 dagar sedan

    Play Lac online on it

  96. Hussein Hajj sleiman

    Hussein Hajj sleiman7 dagar sedan

    What's the full name and price?

  97. John Burbridge

    John Burbridge7 dagar sedan


  98. Steven

    Steven7 dagar sedan

    The first cable is to trash Apple. The second one is to trash Samsung.

  99. Carlos Laurel

    Carlos Laurel8 dagar sedan

    I play a LOT on my phone, but i couldn't really see myself going outside of Apple Arcade ever again, the games there are so so so good and for so cheap, i barely take a look at the regular games

  100. Pedro Moura

    Pedro Moura8 dagar sedan

    I play codm casually and I for sure would buy a gaming phone