Huawei Mate X2 Impressions: I Was Right!

The wedge-shaped folding phone 👀 Better than the Z Fold 2?
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  1. Himanshu Chauhan

    Himanshu Chauhan17 timmar sedan

    But mate x2 is looking too ugly when its fold too wide, fold should always b narrow because we already have a bigger screen inside , fold should also b pocket size friendly , fold 1 size was best for me just it had too much bezels but now fold is going ridiculous, hope samsung dont do it

  2. Shaan I Memon

    Shaan I Memon23 timmar sedan

    all this and still no headphone jack

  3. Art Key

    Art KeyDag sedan

    The previous XS looked better and is unique. This is just a Samsung clone done better that can't run Android apps.

  4. TheDigitalcrack

    TheDigitalcrackDag sedan

    They aren't available in the U.S??? Then what is the point:) On ebay, they want 5-7 thousand dollars!!! Samsung Fold 2 $999.99 ..thank you very much...I take that

  5. Micc Jonny

    Micc JonnyDag sedan

    I love Huawei phones

  6. Nicholas DeRosa

    Nicholas DeRosaDag sedan

    Does it run in Android?

  7. Big Fusion

    Big Fusion2 dagar sedan

    wow so cool

  8. online gaming pro

    online gaming pro3 dagar sedan

    I love huawei

  9. Fish Chris

    Fish Chris3 dagar sedan

    It just dawned on me.... You could not put a case on this phone ☹️ Meaning, my $1800 phone would be destroyed in the first week ☹️

  10. Jimbob84141

    Jimbob841413 dagar sedan


  11. Titoncio

    Titoncio3 dagar sedan

    7:11 For one second i thought you was in a site with this same layout

  12. Willi Hansen

    Willi Hansen3 dagar sedan

    The USA have absolutely no reason to block Huawei's access to Android etc. If at least they'd be honest enough and admit it's a move in their trade war with China, but instead they lie and say it's for the safety of US consumers. What BS!

  13. Anorkhil

    Anorkhil3 dagar sedan

    Careful if you breathe on it.... It might scratch

  14. The Big Picture

    The Big Picture3 dagar sedan

    It comes WITH a charger "That's great!" iPhone DOES NOT come with a charger...and he says "That's great!"

  15. Cd

    Cd3 dagar sedan

    Huawei is an amazing company, it a combination of scientists, mathematicians, and engineers. Now I can understand why the US gov banned Huawei, it is like a jealous kid.

  16. Durahl

    Durahl3 dagar sedan

    Wouldn't be surprised if this folding phone thing will only ever remain a temporary fad no one ever takes seriously and its simply getting replaced by something like AR augmented glasses that pair with your phone and when you look down on your phone and the phone recognizes you gazing at it has the glasses project a folded out, and thus larger image on top of the phone - Maybe without the phone even displaying its contents anymore as a privacy feature.

  17. J Guzman

    J Guzman4 dagar sedan

    🇨🇳 Bought him out. Advertising 🤔 to the blind.

  18. Nigel John

    Nigel John4 dagar sedan

    Ok, so where can we buy it.

  19. shadowpocalypse

    shadowpocalypse4 dagar sedan

    Great phone. 2 bad Huawei is racially identifying Uighur ppl for china reducation camps

  20. Philip J Fry

    Philip J Fry4 dagar sedan

    Ebook reader

  21. sumit singh

    sumit singh4 dagar sedan

    Shout out to "hinge-inners" 😅

  22. Stickie DJ

    Stickie DJ4 dagar sedan


  23. Lewis Amani

    Lewis Amani5 dagar sedan

    Would by this only if it had playstore

  24. Paljaru Aku

    Paljaru Aku5 dagar sedan

    Marquez brownlee...... Giveaway that phone to me 😅

  25. leon vinci

    leon vinci5 dagar sedan


  26. meetesh lal

    meetesh lal5 dagar sedan

    Impressive Design

  27. Kaminoneh Bhoot

    Kaminoneh Bhoot6 dagar sedan

    excellent review!

  28. Decky Hermawan

    Decky Hermawan6 dagar sedan

    too bad no google play

  29. Touka Kaminadsuki

    Touka Kaminadsuki6 dagar sedan

    You see, this is exactly why the us wanted to ban huawei in a wish to kill it: companies in a developing socialist country start to make some really good stuff that people would want to buy.

  30. Beibit Iskakov

    Beibit Iskakov6 dagar sedan

    What happened with his pronunciation??? The way how he is speaking, like snake 🐍

  31. DdnKmur Muur

    DdnKmur Muur7 dagar sedan

    Marq’,yu realy helpn Tech get where MN should B 2 help mankind be,your own Universe is dh concept yet to be realised,infinit...wait😌,l am timeless hence l 4wd look for that One 👁fon.🙏🏿

  32. Bo-Laurids Jähde

    Bo-Laurids Jähde7 dagar sedan

    Nice foldable!

  33. Geert

    Geert7 dagar sedan

    As an average consumer I still don't see any point in owning a foldable phone. Most users already have their phone for socializing and most people also already have a tablet or laptop for school/work

  34. ꧁༺๑中๑༻꧂

    ꧁༺๑中๑༻꧂7 dagar sedan

    I use the Gspcae for google apps on huawei. such like virtual machine on PC

  35. Chaika Gaz

    Chaika Gaz8 dagar sedan

    For $2700 USD and no google support? No thnx

  36. Wong Yang

    Wong Yang9 dagar sedan

    Huawei seriously has lost of ideas keep copying

  37. Drumpling

    Drumpling9 dagar sedan

    this guy is the real BRUH

  38. myeyesglow

    myeyesglow10 dagar sedan

    HAHAHAHAH hingengeers

  39. carlitos05

    carlitos0510 dagar sedan

    This just means that Samsung is going to bring it (hopefully) on the next fold.

  40. b franks

    b franks11 dagar sedan

    China fanboy. Made with slave labor. All the tech is stolen from country's that pay people to innovate.

  41. aimr GD

    aimr GD8 dagar sedan


  42. Chelsea18

    Chelsea1812 dagar sedan

    Waiting for these phones to be $1000 at the very least.... probably by 2023.

  43. Emman Delos Reyes

    Emman Delos Reyes12 dagar sedan


  44. Pontus _

    Pontus _12 dagar sedan

    I can’t be the only one who thinks it’s okay that the fold phones are thicker. Right?

  45. BobRooney

    BobRooney12 dagar sedan

    this needs a 2nd fold for a true tablet perfect for movie watching. it will eventually happen once these get thin enough.

  46. 정진규

    정진규12 dagar sedan

    No google apps. Period.

  47. お拖把茶

    お拖把茶12 dagar sedan


  48. Beauty Mhamud

    Beauty Mhamud13 dagar sedan


  49. SNIPER theDON

    SNIPER theDON13 dagar sedan


  50. Lufen Martofilia

    Lufen Martofilia13 dagar sedan

    I'm convinced, I need this phone.

  51. Remco Hamersma

    Remco Hamersma13 dagar sedan

    It is more balanced if you are right handed yes... Will they make a lefty version too?

  52. The Danktuary

    The Danktuary13 dagar sedan

    Im left handed rip

  53. Hayo Miyazaki

    Hayo Miyazaki14 dagar sedan

    i love Huawei phones more now just because of they aren't connected to Google anymore. I seriously love it

  54. Change in 3D!

    Change in 3D!15 dagar sedan

    I feel like I would not need a front display at all. Why not making a "sideways flip phone" that is thinner 🚀

  55. Ozymandias

    Ozymandias16 dagar sedan

    7:49 that chinese word is so disgusting

  56. Let's Go

    Let's Go10 dagar sedan

    Interesting you know they are Chinese characters but sadly you can't read it. It's a Huawei reading app FYI.

  57. jesus acosta

    jesus acosta16 dagar sedan


  58. China Coach Le Blanc

    China Coach Le Blanc16 dagar sedan

    What's your take on Mi.Mix fold

  59. Shuvo Speaking

    Shuvo Speaking16 dagar sedan

    Hingineers should be added to the dictionary.

  60. John M Flores

    John M Flores17 dagar sedan


  61. Leonardo Simioni

    Leonardo Simioni17 dagar sedan

    Looks like a s10 plus

  62. Stefan

    Stefan17 dagar sedan

    the dual front camera cuts is b'cos Huawei use the 3D face scan like Apple.

  63. Ashley Gray

    Ashley Gray17 dagar sedan

    Is this Samsung's screen or is it made by Huawei? Just interested

  64. Simple Ideas For You!!

    Simple Ideas For You!!17 dagar sedan

    I feel bad for the company and the stupid ban. Great device

  65. aimr GD

    aimr GD8 dagar sedan

    @Mitchell Horwood ey bro you're looking at a mirror

  66. Mitchell Horwood

    Mitchell Horwood14 dagar sedan

    Bad opinion.

  67. Jo Reven

    Jo Reven18 dagar sedan

    That's some nice hardware design. Good attention to detail.

  68. Rich Cowan

    Rich Cowan18 dagar sedan

    In fairness to Huawei I think they’re by far the most innovative phone company. This is what apple should be doing with their endless money pot, engineers designers developers etc. Well done huawei

  69. ItzToxicYTツ

    ItzToxicYTツ14 dagar sedan

    @Rich Cowan that's true lol 😂

  70. Rich Cowan

    Rich Cowan15 dagar sedan

    @ItzToxicYTツ I don't disagree. But in fairness there's a limited design language on phones now etc. Let's face it they all look.the same. Iv no doubts they've been inspired by Samsung. But they've taken it a step further and improved on it. Yet I bet when the fold 3 comes out it'll be even better. Huawei and Samsung are the only 2 companies actually doing anything innovative. Crap Apple should be as they have by far the most money, scientists , engineers and developers etc but do very very little in.the way of innovation as far as iPhone is concerned. I mean iPhone still has a notch🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  71. ItzToxicYTツ

    ItzToxicYTツ15 dagar sedan

    The thing is They stole alot of stuff And they are kinda hypocrites because the type of folding phone they're using in the mate x2 is the same as the the galaxy fold 1 and 2 and back then mate x 1 and galaxy fold 1 were against each other and huawei said the galaxy fold how it fold inward is the worst design ever And that outward is better but now they realized that inward is better so they made one that folds inward too, It honestly looks like fold 2 just improved upon I hope Samsung make a better one tho Edit: But Huawei's phone does look good but they are hypocrites for what they said before

  72. Rich Cowan

    Rich Cowan17 dagar sedan

    @namcicle yep I agree

  73. namcicle

    namcicle17 dagar sedan

    I would argue that they have pushed smartphone photography further then any other company

  74. Adrian Hernandez

    Adrian Hernandez18 dagar sedan

    Damn I just bought the fold 2....fml

  75. fclp67

    fclp6718 dagar sedan

    flip phones have potential, but these folding 8 inch tablets with weird resolutions not really, it's like an 8 inch tablet but weird, but out of these this is the best although selfie camera on the small screen is objectively stupid

  76. snizer11

    snizer1118 dagar sedan

    Its look like samsung fold 2. LMAO

  77. fclp67

    fclp6718 dagar sedan

    except like just strictly better though

  78. usmannaeem

    usmannaeem18 dagar sedan

    The rocking is a total deal breaker. I honestly, don't get it millions of dollars spent on RnD and we still have camera bumps in 2021. The bump is a really bad design aesthetic from day one.

  79. Hamza Akca

    Hamza Akca18 dagar sedan

    idk why but my guts tells me that Samsung and iPhone CEO's sat down with Trump and somehow caused all these things. Huawei was doing amazing and would take over in a few years but somehow it got banned. İt's stupid because the "privacy" shit they banned Huawei for is just straight up bullshit.

  80. Petr Melichar

    Petr Melichar18 dagar sedan

    Well, kind of idle potential, like Xiaomi, no camera on the main display, so when it comes to videosessions / Skype calls, you cannot use the main display but the smaller one. This could be a deal breaker for those who need a work machine, not a media one - but thankfully, Samsung is aware of that :D

  81. pachy444

    pachy44418 dagar sedan

    The reason it's tapered isn't mainly for centre of gravity reasons at all, it is to get the overall thickness down when closed, the cameras need to be thick so they counteracted that by making the other edge as thin as possible.

  82. KN0CK 2wice

    KN0CK 2wice18 dagar sedan

    RIP HUAWEI!!! 🇨🇳💀👎

  83. Afterglow Flux

    Afterglow Flux18 dagar sedan

    Too bad the US banned their phones and the reason samsung doesn't do as big of a screen is because most video doesn't support that aspect ratio and it's already not using Samsung fold aspect ratio either from personal experience. The main faults of z fold 2 for me is that their screen protector is garbage on the inner screen, the camera is 2 generations old, and I can't find a goddamn minimal case to simply protect it from scratching. Why the hell doesn't an ultra thin case like what went of the first generation come with the second gen? That was really disappointing. All I want is like a 2mm thick shell. I guess it's too hard to make these days

  84. S D

    S D18 dagar sedan

    Sorry for the lefty's

  85. jay boog

    jay boog19 dagar sedan

    Samsung is way better inner cam fits in hands. If hater was a ad. It's a nice phone but not better than Samsung

  86. Kurt Jensen

    Kurt Jensen19 dagar sedan

    I like it. First foldable phone I would consider buying.

  87. GICking

    GICking19 dagar sedan

    Was there industrial espionage ?

  88. cyberfennek

    cyberfennek19 dagar sedan

    nice copy as allways :) at least they learned not to have the foldable screen on the outside of the phone this time.

  89. Terry Lew

    Terry Lew19 dagar sedan

    Successfully installed Google service on my device man! Just search install google on any Huawei device on youtube, it is super simple actually

  90. Dude Dudster

    Dude Dudster19 dagar sedan

    Although I'd love this...the price just doesn't make sense. For that price I could buy a Apple Macbook Pro M1 and still have enough money to buy a flagship iPhone.

  91. Austin101123

    Austin10112319 dagar sedan

    Can you use it upside down? I usually use the phone in my left hand which would have a bigger weight problem.

  92. Koro Koro

    Koro Koro19 dagar sedan

    No google store.

  93. Royal Shuvro

    Royal Shuvro19 dagar sedan


  94. fan8281

    fan828119 dagar sedan


  95. Edmund Kee

    Edmund Kee19 dagar sedan

    ok the wedge is really dope. love it.

  96. Ridge

    Ridge19 dagar sedan

    Well hey, let's stop comparing them to normal phones because they are a new type of phones!:)

  97. driver aged

    driver aged19 dagar sedan

    Isn't it too thick? And why would I want a square screen? All the good videos out there are in 16:9 format. That means a square screen in most cases can only play videos as large as a normal wide screen with half the size.

  98. Jordan Randall

    Jordan Randall15 dagar sedan

    Interesting that you mention that because the designer actually mentioned that he wanted to make it fold 3x so it will be widescreen instead however are limited due to technicality F5NUXSdkd3g?t=782

  99. Erin K

    Erin K20 dagar sedan

    I just see these screens cracking after closing or sitting on it or dropping it.

  100. Erin K

    Erin K20 dagar sedan

    I think the screen needs to retract inside maybe...I dunno though. Maybe have the phone and have a part that comes out to add on it. Glass on glass just seems unwise.

  101. Aby

    Aby20 dagar sedan

    I really want one 😐 still using the same phone 5 years ago 😥

  102. Design Design

    Design Design20 dagar sedan

    So no selfie cam in the unfolded mode, so when you make a video zoom call and you have to resort to the outside screen. Guess they didn't exactly understand their target audience on this aspect. The hinge doesn't hold 90 degrees it seems?

  103. CamerinJ

    CamerinJ20 dagar sedan

    Wow they’re doing everything Samsung needs to do

  104. D' Monk

    D' Monk20 dagar sedan

    I remember you and UnboxTherapy clearly said FOLDING PHONES ARE NOT READY YET, And within a month or so Samsung dropped Galaxy Fold.

  105. Central Azeri

    Central Azeri20 dagar sedan

    why google does not work. is google political corporation or what??? google wtf???


    MOBILE GAMER20 dagar sedan

    HUAWEI ❤❤

  107. Карен Альбертян

    Карен Альбертян21 dag sedan

    because of the large external screen, the meaning of the internal is lost. I often use an external screen on my z fold 2. I won't be here at all. It is convenient to use a narrow fold with one hand, but here you already have to use 2 hands

  108. The Diamond

    The Diamond21 dag sedan


  109. Cool Legend

    Cool Legend21 dag sedan

    when the secondary screen of a phone is better than your phone's main display

  110. Left-Handed Blitz

    Left-Handed Blitz21 dag sedan

    If youre using two hands to hold it then wouldnt the wedge shape be unnecessary? And if youre left handed the center of gravity would make it much more inconvenient for single hand holding.

  111. Benjamin Crome

    Benjamin Crome21 dag sedan

    Sanctions make Huawei Stronger and better !!

  112. febrian086 _

    febrian086 _21 dag sedan

    Huawei is one of those innovative brands but yeah:'(